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Doctor On Demand app review: always find a doctor when you need one 2021



Sometimes you need to be able to reach a doctor quickly and it may be impossible to get an appointment with yours in time. Then again, maybe you don't even have a doctor and you're needing help from one.

The best online doctor apps for the iPhone

The Doctor On Demand app for iPhone gives you a way to connects with a U.S.-licensed physician either by audio or video.

The idea is that this online doctor app for iPhone can be much more handy and convenient than going into an actual office. 

Keep reading our doctor online app for iPhone review to see of it's one of the best apps for online doctors. 

Doctor On Demand


Convenient Availability

There's no need to book hours off work, try to shuffle around your schedule, or wait for days before you can get in to see your doctor; instead, you can use this app to ask your medical question.

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This app is meant for non-emergency medical issues only, of course. This can be used for such things like a short-term prescription, pediatric concerns and questions, sports injuries, mild infections, prescription refills, and more.

In fact once you start looking at the list of issues this service can help you with, you’ll wonder why you should bother with the doctor’s office at all for non-emergency issues.

The way it works is that you pay $40 when you speak to the actual doctor. Again you can have your "appointment" by audio or video.

This app has recently been updated and enhanced so that users can enjoy an even smoother experience. The app has a 4.5 star rating with users absolutely raving about the convenience it offers them.

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How it Works

It should be noted that this app isn't available in all states: some state laws don't permit it so check to see if your area of residence qualifies. When you first launch the app you will need to register, which is a quick and free process.

After registering you are ready to describe the problem which means what your symptoms are, what medications you may be take, and of course any allergies you may have. The next step will have you enter your credit card information.

Keep in mind the $40 is only charged when you speak to the doctor and it covers a 15 minute call. Lastly you are ready to have a video or audio conversation with a U.S.-licensed doctor. The doctor is able to give advice, a referral, and in some cases, refill a prescription.

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Doctor On Demand


Pros and Cons


  • Always find a doctor quickly and easily
  • Pay for the call only when you talk to a doctor
  • You can have a video or audio chat with the doctor
  • The doctor is able to give advice, referrals, and in some cases refill a prescription


  • Not all medical issues can be addressed through this service
  • Not all states allow for this service
  • The fee is sometimes higher than what you’d pay at your doctor’s office

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Doctor On Demand app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with a quick and simple way to connect with a doctor without the hassle of having to book an appointment and visit an office.

Doctor On Demand

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