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Fantastical 2 app review: the award-winning, best-selling calendar app has been redesigned for iOS 7-2020



Whether you’re looking for an easy and effective way of remembering important events and appointments, or you simply want to be able to view your schedule in a streamlined manner, this “fantastical” iPhone and iPad scheduler app really does have it all!

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This is, without a doubt, a great calendar app and the developer has done a truly magnificent job of providing a utility that not only looks awesome but provides some of the most innovative functionality found in a development of this kind.

Some of the event and reminder setting features are, for want of a better word, very cool, and I think you’re going to find this event app to be invaluable in boosting your organizational skills and productivity as a whole.

Fantastical 2 calendar app runs on devices with iOS 13.2 or later with support of up to iOS 14.0 and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It will need 122.2 MB of free memory space on your mobile device to download an install. Check out our Fantastical app review for more details and, when done, stop by our  best calendar apps list for more great options.

Fantastical 2 for iPhone - Calendar and Reminders


Stay Organized Like Never Before

Fantastical 2 - Calendar and Reminders has been completely overhauled in form and function for iOS 7, and what a great job the developer has done.

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When you set up events, you can now include a map to show the location, as well as setting up “geofences” that will provide you with alerts and reminders when you leave or arrive at a particular destination.

You can also set up recurring events with far more flexibility than I’ve ever seen in this kind of app, by specifying things like weekends, first Friday of every month, or last weekday of the month. This definitely suggests a great deal of thought and expertise on the part of the development team.

Stay Organized Like Never Before image

Enjoy All-New Enhanced and Updated Features

TextExpander is also fully supported, making it very easy for you to make quick notes in no time at all, and there is an extended keyboard available on 4” screens for easy access to numbers and symbols when you want to specify the times of your events.

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What’s more, this newest version of Fantastical also includes background app updating, which enables you to push various things like reminders and events to the app without even having to open it up on a regular basis.

Adding all of this to the basic, and very attractive calendar functionality, and you’ve definitely got yourself one seriously formidable scheduling tool at your fingertips.

Enjoy All-New Enhanced and Updated Features image

Fantastical 2 for iPhone - Calendar and Reminders


Pros and Cons


  • The award-winning, best-selling calendar app has been redesigned for iOS 7
  • Background app updating allows events, reminders, and alerts to be pushed to this app even when it is minimized
  • Easily set up recurring events
  • All-new event details, including a map to show your event locations
  • View portrait and landscape modes depending on your needs
  • Create alerts with phrases such as "remind me tomorrow at 3PM"
  • Enjoy full TextExpander support
  • Supports integration with services such as iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, and more


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Fantastical 2 - Calendar and Reminders is an iPhone and iPad app that is nothing short of, well, fantastical! Go check it out and you’ll see for yourself!

Fantastical 2 for iPhone - Calendar and Reminders

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