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Comics Head app review: for those who love comics



Do you love comics? Do you have your own collection and enjoy reading them over and over? The Comics Head app for your iPad is meant to take that love of comics and translate it into something really cool. How would you like to be able to tell your daily stories through the use of comments? Talk about the attraction you went to that day, your day at school, your commute to work; anything can be told in the form of comics.

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Comics Head - Create your own comic


Share Your Stories with Friends

When you chat with your friends you are likely talking about what you've been up to that day, so instead of just talking about it in the usual way, why not do so through comics? You can even make a comic about an issue that means something to you, a hot topic, or anything else where you want to share your thoughts. A comic can be used as your own personal photo journal. Of course what good is creating a comic if you can't share it with others which is why the app allows you to share your creations by Twitter, Facebook, and email. There is also the option to print them out so you can have an actual comic book in your hands, just use AirPrint.

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In the app's most recent update a number of bug fixes were made so users have a smoother experience. The app scores five out of five in customer ratings as users comment on how much it enhances their storytelling taking it to a whole new level of fun and engaging.

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Creating Your Comic

There are plenty of features and tools built into the app so you can easily create your own comic. To start you will pick from one of the templates offered and then start building from there. Features include being able to import images, apply filters, place the speech bubble where you want, make the speech bubble look the way you want, and use the more than 1,500 themed art assets. The way the app is set up is really cool as well as it looks just like a comic. The user interface is fun, user-friendly, and very smooth. All the steps are clearly laid out so you will be able to create exactly the way you want.

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Your comics can all be saved and shared they can also be opened in other apps such as Evernote and Instagram.

Creating Your Comic image

Comics Head - Create your own comic


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly features and tools
  • Create your own comic complete with images, artwork, and speech bubbles
  • Plenty of customization tools
  • The ability to save, print, and share your comic


  • Hopefully more templates and art themes will continue to be added to give users even more choices

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Final Words

The Comics Head app for your iPad is a really fun way to share your thoughts and experiences through a photo image journal also known as a comic.

Comics Head - Create your own comic

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