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Phlo app review: another browser, disguised as a search engine 2021



Even though the iPad and iPhone come with their own Internet browser, there are still a lot of developers who try to create a new private browsing app that offers something more than Safari by Apple. 

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Myself, I use Google Chrome on my device, simply because I think it is a lot better than Safari, but everybody will have their own opinion on which iPhone browser app they prefer.

Developer Cynapse thought it could offer something a little bit different than the two technology giants mentioned earlier, and decided to develop and release Phlo which is a browser app that's completely designed around search engines.

For more details about this good browser app for iPhone and iPad users, keep reading our Phlo app review.

Phlo - Quick web search browser


What it Offers

First of all, let me say that I didn’t expect an actual Internet browser when I downloaded and booted up the iPhone private browser. I expected some kind of search engine app that allows you so see different results from different search engines.

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I was a little bit right. Phlo allows you to search for anything, simply by typing in the words of what you are looking for. The standard search engine used is, as it is with many other browsers, Google.

Here comes the interesting part. If you tap on the right side menu, a whole list of search engines comes up and you will be able to tap the one you want to use and search using that engine.

These aren’t just the usual search engines like Google or Bing, but go quite in detail, such as using the Amazon search engine to search just within that site or using just Pinterest to search for interesting images.

What it Offers image

Design and usability

The app looks very similar to Safari, but you can’t hold this against them. If you would change too much to a browser, nobody would be able to use it easily, so this can only be a good thing.

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The controls of the browser are also exactly the same as you would expect, except the addition of the right sidebar with all the different search engines.

These search engines are listed from most used to least used, so you can easily find the ones you will use the most. You can also add your own search engines to this list and customize it to your needs completely.

Design and usability image

Phlo - Quick web search browser


Pros and Cons


  • Type once and search multiple search engines
  • Customize the search engine bar and add your own engines
  • Looks and works exactly like Safari


  • I don’t really see any need for this app

Pros and Cons image


All in all, Phlo is not really a bad app. I simply don’t see the use for this, unless you really have trouble finding what you want in regular search engines. Usually, Google or Bing would find exactly what I want to find.

The app looks and works just like other browsers, so doesn’t really add anything on that front. The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone and is just over 8 MB.

Phlo - Quick web search browser

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