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Speak 2 Translate Free app review: a great idea with great execution and one flaw 2021



As someone who travels a lot, I often find myself in a place where I don’t speak the language, or in a situation where my little grasp over the language I do speak is not enough to make a valid point.

The best iPad apps for translations

This can often lead to confusing situations where you sometimes offend people, or you get something completely different than what you’ve bargained for.

Developer Dzianis Kandratsin must have had these same problems many times and decided to create Speak 2 Translate, which is a good translator app for iPhone that translates what you want into 40 different languages.

The speech translation app also offers text to text translation in 72 different languages and is available for both iPad and iPhone. 

For more details on this translator app, check out our Speak 2 Translate app review below.

Speak & Translate - Translator


How it Works

The concept is very simple: just select the source language and the goal language, press the microphone, and speak. The app will then take a short while to translate what you said into the goal language and spit out what you said in a different language.

The best iPad apps for translations

This work like this for 40 different languages.  For 32 of these languages, the app will also speak for you, so you don’t have to read it out.

For 32 other different languages the app supports text to text, meaning you will have to type in what you want to say yourself. All of the translation is done within seconds and you will be able to hold a conversation wherever you go.

How it Works    image

The Only Downside

If, like me, you’re traveling a lot, you will find yourself without an Internet connection quite often. These times are usually the times where you need to use the app, but regrettably the app only works when you have a Wi-Fi connection available.

The best translator apps for iPhone 2021

I understand that by supporting so many different languages, the app can’t possible hold all the audio and dictionaries for all the different languages, but it would be cool to see if the developer would release offline version for one or two languages in the future.

There is also a $0.99 version of the app available on the App Store, but it’s not really clear what this version has to offer over the free version. 

The Only Downside image

Speak & Translate - Translator


Pros and Cons


  • Speech-to-speech in 32 different languages
  • Speech-to-text in eight more languages
  • Text-to-text in another 32 languages


Pros and Cons image


Speak 2 Translate is one of the better translating apps that I've tried. It’s easy to use and supports so many different languages you will never find yourself lost in a different country again.

The only time you will find yourself in such a situation again is when you don’t have an internet connection. I can really recommend this app to people who travel a lot.

The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, and is just over 8 MB. I just hope the developer will create offline versions of this app as well, so I don’t need a connection.

Speak & Translate - Translator

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