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Fine Camera app review: ensure you get the perfect shot 2021



Do you feel like you constantly miss out on the perfect photo because you aren't able to capture it fast enough with a camera app?

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This iPhone camera app gives you the ability to take advantage of continuous shooting. This app for taking photos makes it possible to capture nine sheets of continuous shots: it gives you four sheets before pushing the shutter and five sheets after.

There are other options as well that make this photography app a photo lover's companion tool. Let's dig deeper into what's available in the Fine Camera app. 

Fine Camera


Capture the Perfect Shot with Ease

Instead of stressing about capturing that perfect shot and then feeling disappointed when you don't get it, here's an option that makes the process much easier on you. As mentioned you will be able to capture sheets before and after the shutter along with other features.

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You can even capture these shots without using sound. This is ideal for those situations where you're afraid sound may distract the subject and ruin the shot.

Then again maybe you want your subject's attention on you, in which case you can use the "notice sound" button which uses a specified cry (a dog, a cat, and elephant, or others).

This app has recently been updated in order to fix bugs, add in new functions, adjust the flip animation, and more. This app requires iOS 7.0 to use. There is currently no customer rating for this one.

Capture the Perfect Shot with Ease image

Touching Upon the Features

Some of the features you can use in this app include being able to add a copyright stamp with a description if you want, turn the date stamp on or off, turn Geotag on or off, and even chance the text size and color.

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Other features you should familiarize yourself with are the burst shot which works once you select it. You need to push the shutter in order for the picture to be saved to your Camera Roll.

Just so that you know the burst shot interval is 0.1 seconds and a change can be made in five steps. There is a face detection lock that makes it possible to blend exposure with focus.

There are just so many features and tools that it’s impossible to touch upon them all. You definitely have some advanced features to play with and take advantage of giving you the ability to capture some truly stunning shots. Don't forget to check out the photo effects to add to your pictures too.

Touching Upon the Features image

Fine Camera


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a large selection of tools and features to create professional looking-photos
  • Make use of burst shots so you can capture those memorable moments
  • Shot photos without any sound or use a sound to capture the attention of your subject


  • The features feel a bit advanced for a beginner; they take getting used to and experimenting with

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Fine Camera app for your iPhone gives you the ability to shoot photos like a pro.

Fine Camera

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