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Smash Hit app review: a simple but beautiful game



Becoming Game of the Week in the App Store is not an easy feat, and it usually takes only the best of the best games in this category. Usually, these games are from the bigger developers, as they have the biggest marketing budgets and the best relationship with Apple. Luckily, Apple knows this as well, and makes space for some simpler games by smaller developers. That is what happened this week, when suddenly out of nowhere Mediocre AB’s Smash Hit appeared on the App Store as Game of the Week. As with most Game of the Week offerings, Smash Hit is compatible with both iPad and iPhone.

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Smash Hit



The visuals of Smash Hit are a big part of its gameplay. I’m not sure where to categorize the game, as there isn’t really a clear gameplay type that the game follows. The game resembles a first person rail shooter the most, even though there are no enemies and no violence. You play in first person, so you don’t really know what or who you are. Your goal is to break glass with metal balls. You are basically flying through a corridor and smashing glass to garner points. Sometimes glass will bar your way, meaning you will have to break your way through. Other times a door will block your way and you will have to hit switches to open said door. If you hit a door or some glass, you will lose balls. The trick to this game is the conservation of your balls, as you only have a few.

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Graphics and Sound

The game looks absolutely beautiful. You will get a feeling hat you are flying through a crystal case, where everything is made out of glass. The balls themselves look as smooth as balls you will find in a pinball machine and the glass breaks realistically. The sound is very soothing and calming. The music plays very softly and slowly and is very soothing. The sound of the breaking glass sounds very realistic, and you will hear this a lot. There is a premium version of the game, which costs $1.99, and will unlock the use of checkpoints, which you will need to unlock by playing.


Smash Hit screenshot 2
Smash Hit screenshot 2

Smash Hit


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Very easy to learn
  • Fantastic sound



  • Only use checkpoint after you pay


Smash Hit screenshot 3
Smash Hit screenshot 3


It’s quite understandable that Smash Hit is Game of the Week in the App Store. It has beautiful graphics and great sound, while that gameplay can be a bit repetitive. The game is quite challenging, especially because you have to conserve your balls. When you run out of balls, it's Game Over and you will have to start again (or from a checkpoint if you have paid the $1.99 to unlock the use of these). The game is compatible with iPhone and iPad and is free to play. The game is just under 50 MB. You should definitely check it out.


Smash Hit

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