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QuizFortune app review: a quiz show on your mobile device



You don't have to resort to television game shows in order to have a crack at taking part in trivia. If you think you're pretty good when it comes to trivia then you're going to want to try the QuizFortune Trivia app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. This game offers up 100,000 questions in a variety of topics so you are sure to excel in some areas and perhaps do not so well in those other topics. You have the ability to challenge friends or just test out your own brain power here.

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QuizFortune Trivia - The Ultimate Trivia App in the World!


A Little Something for Everyone

This is the kind of trivia that has a little something for everyone when it comes to the topics. You will find questions relating to TV, movies, music, sports, geography food and drink, history, general knowledge, and more. As mentioned you're able to challenge your friends through Facebook and even make your own Leaderboard that is meant only for you to see. If you don't feel like challenging your friends, no problem you can try to out-do your own best score instead.

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The app has recently added new quizzes and a trending category. Additionally, improvements were made to the Facebook friends’ challenge. The app doesn't have a customer rating as of yet nor does it have customer comments. You may want to consider purchasing the in-app Bundle of 50 Hints for $2.99, which can certainly help your gameplay.


Choose your topic
Choose your topic

Testing Your Knowledge

When you are ready to test your knowledge then you are ready to launch the game. Each of the questions has been hand-created by the developing team so you know you're getting high-quality questions and accurate answers. The app uses a really fun user interface so it's entertaining to play. You can post your best scores to the Leaderboards and use hints when you need it.

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I like that you can just blast through a bunch of questions in a row and be extremely secure in your answer and then suddenly be faced with questions that leave you utterly stumped. The game never ends up feeling dull or boring because you just don’t know what will be thrown at you next. The user interface is well-laid-out and although it may lack the bells and whistles, there is no need for them here. The emphasis is all on the questions themselves. I also really like the variety and sheer volume of questions offered.


Work your way through the questions
Work your way through the questions

QuizFortune Trivia - The Ultimate Trivia App in the World!


Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to understand
  • A wide variety of topics to be quizzed on
  • Challenge friends through Facebook
  • Supports the Leaderboards
  • Simple and clean user interface
  • The ability to purchase hint bundles



  • You may find yourself going through your hints rather fast


Take a look at the question
Take a look at the question

Final Words

The QuizFortune app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a really fun, addictive, and super-challenging game that is filled with trivia in just about every topic range you can think of. Challenge your friends through Facebook or play on your own.


QuizFortune Trivia - The Ultimate Trivia App in the World!

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