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Ikue app review: a puzzle like no other-2021



If you're the type who likes a challenge when it comes to games, we've got a logic app that will really have you testing your brain as you try to solve it. Ikue brain puzzle app for iPhone can also be used on your iPod touch and iPad. 

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This brain teaser app is described as a game that is meant for those who like having a "little mind bender in their daily game routine," which is a fabulous way to describe it.

There are no explosions, crazy graphics, or high-speed chases here; instead, it’s all about using the power of your mind to solve these puzzles. Let's dig deeper into Ikue with our brain puzzle app review. 

Ikue - Master Your Mind


Tease Your Brain

Calling these puzzles a brainteaser isn't far off as they will really offer up a challenge for you. The puzzles are similar to classic Tangram but there are differences here making the app feel fresh.

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This is meant to be a casual game or you can easily pass hours trying to solve these ones. There are 50 levels to work your way through plus the free version provides another 50 levels as a "starter pack."

The puzzles feature a variety of shapes, 10 tile types, and a variety of difficulty levels. What’s really interesting is despite the fact these puzzles can be very challenging, the whole effect is rather calming, which is in part due to the relaxing music that is playing.

As mentioned this is a new release but it already has a five star customer rating. You can purchase more levels, packs, a tile breaker, or/and remove the ads. These in-app purchases range from $0.99 to $5.99.

Tease Your Brain image

Puzzling Gameplay

There are a few things that stuck out to me almost immediately upon launching this app. I think if I was going to continue playing this on a regular basis I would definitely pay to remove the ads because they slow down the game quite a bit and are just really rather annoying.

I also wish the menu was set up to be a little more user friendly, as I find it lacks instructions. The little intros/back stories are fun to read but if you’d rather you can skip over them. I find the game lacks in instruction as well: I have spent quite some time just trying to figure out what I am supposed to be doing.

This game is most definitely for players who have patience, seek a challenge, and want to be fully immersed in the game they are playing.

Puzzling Gameplay image

Ikue - Master Your Mind


Pros and Cons


  • Extremely challenging gameplay
  • Ideal for those who like the brainteaser type games
  • Plenty of levels offered in the free version
  • The ability to purchase more levels once you clear the free ones


  • Gameplay can be too complicated for some, there is a lack of instructions/direction
  • The graphics feel a bit dull

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Ikue app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a challenging game that isn’t to be taken lightly. This one will require all of your brain power to try to solve the puzzles.

Ikue - Master Your Mind

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