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Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer app review: explore and discover the ocean with Fins the Fish



Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer is yet another brilliant iPhone and iPad app created by Sago Sago which entertains and educates children through the mystical underwater world with a new charming and adorable character, Fins the Fish.

As per Sago Sago's usual app features, this app is very child-friendly and will make your baby laugh and giggle adorably, when he or she watches the cute characters do silly things to evoke a sense of wonder and bewilderment in your toddler.

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Discover Fun Surprises

The home screen of Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer is uncluttered, but has one ad promoting one of Sago Sago's other games. This is not a problem because it isn't very attention-grabbing, but parents can start the game for the child if it gets too distracting.

The toddler is encouraged to invite Fins the Fish out for an adventure, and so they embark upon this magical journey. Fins is seen inside his home in the ocean, peering out the window with an absolutely captivating smile on his face.

Fins can be navigated through the ocean using fingers to explore the dozens of great surprises that lie waiting to be discovered by you, which comprise of over 30 different animations.


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Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer screenshot 1
Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer screenshot 1

Dive In And Explore

Find ancient treasures, get acquainted with monsters, and have a little snack at the underwater ice cream store, run by a jovial and friendly octopus who holds out various flavors and types of ice creams in his eight octopus arms. This game is open-ended, allowing for continuous play, full of whimsy and wonder with Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer.

There are no ads and no in-app purchases in this app aside from the one ad on the home screen. This allows for distraction-free and uninterrupted play for your toddler. As with all Sago Sago apps, the developers have created this app with a team of child and education experts guiding them to create an experience that toddlers would truly enjoy and grow from.


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Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer screenshot 2
Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer screenshot 2

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Pros & Cons


  • Move Fins the Fish using your finger
  • Uncover fun animations at the yellow markers
  • Make up stories to accompany the actions



  • There is an ad on the home screen which may be distracting for some toddlers


Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer screenshot 3
Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer screenshot 3

Final Words

Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer is a new world waiting to be discovered. If you have a toddler or are a regular babysitter of one, I would highly recommend downloading this app on your iPhone or iPad to ensure that you have a happy little baby on your hands at all times! In fact, I'd go as far as to say that the Sago Sago apps are a must-have for every parent. It's worth a try, and certainly less expensive than a lot of educational games, both apps and physical ones.


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