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Slidercrash app review: challenge yourself



If you're on the hunt for the ultimate game challenge that will leave your brain completely puzzled, here's one you can give a try. The Slidercrash app can be played on your iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. This brand-new release is a puzzle-based game that really delivers in the challenge department. You'll look at these puzzles at first glance thinking there is no possible solution, yet there always is. You can work your way through all 60 levels but here's a warning: they will take a fair amount of time and thought to solve.

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Put Your Brain to Work

This game will definitely put your brain to work in a big way thanks to the 60 levels you're given to solve. It's all about the details when it comes to this game; you can't ever let anything slip by because that may be the key to the puzzle. The way this works is that you need to put the same colored sliders together on the game board. There are rocks and walls that stand in your way as you slide them around using the rails and mirrors. Nothing comes easy here as you will find each and every one of these puzzles to be nothing less than mind-boggling.

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This new release is free to play but there is a pro version available for $0.99. Although the app doesn't yet have a customer rating you will find comments made by players who love the challenge it offers as well as the graphics and music.


Think through your moves
Think through your moves

Play the Game

So when you're ready to play the game you're going to want to be sure you're ready to fully focus on it. This one takes a fair amount of problem solving in order to be successful. As you work your way through the levels you will enjoy the different themes offered plus there are songs that can be unlocked. The app supports unlockable achievements, trophies, and the leaderboard. This gives you even more to work towards.

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I have to say I am far from a pro at this game but it is incredibly addictive pulling me back time and time again as I try to better my game play. I like that you are given a little tutorial to begin with so you aren’t just grasping at straws trying to figure out what to do. The graphics are fun as is the music and the game controls are smooth and intuitive.


Bright and colorful graphics
Bright and colorful graphics



Pros and Cons


  • Fun graphics and music
  • Easy to understand gameplay
  • Each level offers a new and challenging puzzle
  • There is a helpful tutorial to get you started
  • The app supports Game Center



  • Levels get pretty hard pretty quickly


Slidercrash screenshot
Slidercrash screenshot

Final Words

The Slidercrash app can be played on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and provides you with a fun and casual gaming experience that features intuitive controls and fun graphics. The game supports leaderboards so you can compare your puzzle solving skills to everyone else.



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