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Inspire Pro app review: let your inner artist be free 2021



It's time to let your inner artist be free with this artists app for iPhone. The Inspire Pro app can be used on your iPad to sketch, draw, and paint whenever the moment strikes you.

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There's no need to cart around messy and cumbersome tools anymore thanks to this artists inspiration app for iPhone. It doesn't matter what your skill level is, you can have plenty of fun with this app and express yourself the way you see fit.

Check out our Inspire Pro app review for more details and to see if you think this is one of the best iPhone apps for artists. 

Inspire Pro — Create Art, Paint, Draw & Sketch


A Creative Outlet

Think of this app as your creative outlet so any time the moment strikes, you can create something really special. This app actually has its own unique painting engine and uses the GPU in order to render the brush strokes with incredible quality and speed.

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With some sketch/paint apps you will find the app slow to respond, making it hard to create pieces. That isn’t the case with this one. You are given 60 brushes to use that are then divided into six different sets.

Browse through the graphite pencils, basic shapes, airbrushes, oil paint, markers, and wax crayons. There are a few in-app purchases available that give you more brush sets. Each set is available for $0.99.

A Creative Outlet image

A Closer Look at the Features

You definitely don't want to let the price tag on this app scare you off, which is also a common comment among users. While there are plenty of free apps that let you sketch, paint, and draw there are some pretty huge quality differences and even differences in the amount of features and tools offered.

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What I like about this one is that it feels like a complete offering, you aren’t left thinking you’d like to combine piece of this app with that one to make the perfect one. It’s got everything you need all rolled into one.

Every brush can be used dry, wet, or as an eraser, giving you plenty of versatility. There are different brush settings that you will also want to play and have fun with such as changing the length, opacity, size, spacing, and glaze.

Each time you make these changes you’ll end up with completely different results. All your work can be saved to your Camera Roll and shared directly to Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook.

A Closer Look at the Features image

Inspire Pro — Create Art, Paint, Draw & Sketch


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a large selection of brushes, all of which can be customized
  • Save your work to your Camera Roll
  • Share directly to social media
  • App is responsive and fast


  • Is on the pricey side and not all fonts are offered in the original download price

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Inspire Pro app can be used on your iPad to let you get really creative even while on the go.

Inspire Pro — Create Art, Paint, Draw & Sketch

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