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Drinking GameZ app review: some classic beer pong action



Have you played beer pong before? If so you know exactly how addictive and fun it can be when you play with friends. Well here's a way to enjoy the game without all the mess with the Drinking GameZ app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. Unlike in the real thing where it's about luck and timing, this version is about skill so that means the more you play, the better you'll get. You have plenty of control over this game and it's sure to provide plenty of fun.

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Drinking GameZ: Beer Pong


Same Fun Without the Mess

This game is all about the same kind of fun that you're used to with beer pong without the messy spills and clean up. As mentioned this game requires plenty of skill because you need to aim, watch the power meter, and use the tilt function just to fire off your shot. That’s a whole lot of thinking and strategizing, something you probably don’t spend much time on in the actual game. The app has been designed to feel realistic so it's not wildly far off the real thing. However, it has made tweaks that are meant to enhance the gaming experience.

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This app gets a very strong and enthusiastic 4.5 out of five star rating from players. It seems since the last update they have been left thrilled with the offering. The latest update not only addressed some bugs, but now the app gives players the ability to track their progress through achievements. We also got Facebook integration.


Choose your game mode
Choose your game mode

It's All About the Gameplay

In this app it's all about the gameplay. You can actually choose from three different difficulty levels to ensure there is always a challenge. There are power-ups, in-game currency that you can use, the app offers multi-player modes, and it supports the Leaderboard. For me one of the most fun parts is the drunk meter that will really give you an indication of how well you're doing! This game is plenty of fun to play on your own, with a group of friends, or in multi-player mode.

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When you first launch the app you’ll be able to connect to Facebook if you want in order to post your stats. The music is upbeat and fun, just as you would expect, and general feel is very casual. The downfall for me is that it is just loaded with ads and pop-ups that really get frustrating to move past.


Take your time on your shot
Take your time on your shot

Drinking GameZ: Beer Pong


Pros and Cons


  • Takes skill to play and strategizing
  • Set your difficulty level
  • Play on your own or in multi-player mode
  • Supports the Leaderboard
  • Supports achievements
  • Has its own in-game currency and a drunk meter



  • The app is loaded with ads
  • There have been bugs in the past


Shoot it!
Shoot it!

Final Thoughts

The Drinking GameZ app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone gives you a very realistic gaming experience so that now you can enjoy a little beer pong no matter where you are.

Drinking GameZ: Beer Pong

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