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iXpenseIt app review: simplifies daily expense tracking and monthly budgeting-2020



Hitting the Finance category of the App Store with an almost unparalleled level of style and professionalism is this powerful iPhone and iPad expenses app which has wonderfully simplifies your daily expense tracking and monthly budgeting. Track expenses with this app like never before. 

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This expenses tracking app offers many of the same features that you’re likely to find in similar apps but the developer has done a fantastic job of offering easy daily money management with just that little something extra to make all the difference.

The interface itself is almost unlike anything I’ve seen before in a financial tracking app, and I think it really speaks volumes to the overarching quality of the development as a whole. I’m thoroughly impressed with iXpenseIt and would definitely recommend it as a sound transaction tracker. Keep reading out iExpenseit app review to see if this is the right app for you. 

iXpenseIt: Track Expense, Income,Budget & Cashflow


Easily Track Your Daily Expenses

iXpenseIt (Expense + Income = Cashflow with Budget) provides you with all manner of useful tools for monitoring your daily expenses and adhering to your monthly budget so that you can more effectively stay within your means on a consistent basis.

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This is achieved, for example, by setting up a daily reminder that will remind you to log your transactions while also helping you to stay on up of any rent payments or other bills that might be coming up in the next couple of days.

You can record transactions by also scanning your store receipts, for which there is a handy feature within the app. Any data you input shouldn’t take long either, thanks to auto-population of fields that occurs as you log more and more transactions.

It's never been easier to track expenses with this app and stay current on your personal budget or for business users, to get faster reimbursements. Enter expense data anywhere, anytime within seconds with this expenses app.

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Weigh Your Expenses Against Your Budget

In essence, this app provides a one-stop resource for weighing your expenses against your budget, while also enabling you to visualize everything in a graphical format with various graphs and charts. It’s hard to justify spending more money when your “expenses” bar starts growing taller than your “income” bar!

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What’s more, you can very easily export your records via email and Wi-Fi transfer in .CSV and .HTML file formats, and you can also apply passcode protection to keep your financial information secure.

Weigh Your Expenses Against Your Budget image

iXpenseIt: Track Expense, Income,Budget & Cashflow


Pros and Cons


  • Keep a detailed record of all of your financial transactions
  • Weigh your transactions against predefined budgets
  • Easily scan and store your store receipts
  • Set up reminders so that your rent and bills are always paid on time      
  • Export your records via email and Wi-Fi transfer in .CSV and .HTML file formats
  • Keep your records safe and secure with passcode protection
  • Full support for all world currencies


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

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Final Words

iXpenseIt (Expense + Income = Cashflow with Budget) is one of the more expensive money management apps for iPhone and iPad, but given the obviously high standards with which it has been developed, I believe the price of $4.99 is more than justified.

iXpenseIt: Track Expense, Income,Budget & Cashflow

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