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Next Episode app review: your TV companion tool



If you're a TV fanatic or even if you just have a couple of shows you like to watch we have an entertainment-based tool that can enhance your experience. The Next Episode app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to help you track TV shows as well as a number of other cool features and functions. This app can even help you discover some new favorite shows that you might not otherwise been aware of.

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Next Episode - Track TV Shows


Change How You Watch TV

This app can literally change how you watch TV for the better. You can use this app to track all your favorite shows yet you don't have to do any of the work. The app tracks it for you. There is a countdown feature called My Shows so you can quickly see what is coming up that you wanted to watch. This is automatically placed in the order in which the next episode will air just to keep you organized. In the Recent section you can check out what has just aired and what is going to air tomorrow. There is no way you'll miss any of your favorite shows when you use this app.

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This app requires iOS 7 to use and currently has four out of five stars in the customer rating. Its most recent updated took a look at a number of issues that were slowing down or making the user experience less than ideal. The app has a new design, additional features, and just operates smoother.


Identify and track your favorite shows
Identify and track your favorite shows

Begin Your Experience

When you first use the app you will need to identify which shows you watch so the app knows which ones to track. After this is done you can take advantage of the many features. There is a Calendar tool that allows you to check out what episodes are coming up, Hot Shows is where you can find new shows you might not be aware of, and Trending Shows does the same type of thing but categorizes them by the time period. Once the app sees what you like to watch it is able to offer Recommended Shows, which may appeal to your tastes.

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There are tons of other cools features and it's just too difficult to list them all. The user interface should get a mention however as it is sleek, modern, and beautiful to use. Users of the app are raving about how clean and simple it is.


A beautiful and stunning user interface
A beautiful and stunning user interface

Next Episode - Track TV Shows


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful, smooth, and sleek user interface
  • Use the app to automatically track all your favorite shows
  • Discover new TV shows
  • Read up on TV shows
  • View trailers



  • With so many features it can feel a bit overwhelming


Next Episode screenshot
Next Episode screenshot

Final Words

The Next Episode app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to track your favorite TV shows so you never miss out on episodes you want to see. There are a number of cool features in this app that make it a lot of fun and useful to use.


Next Episode - Track TV Shows

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