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Fighter Verses app review: persevere in the fight of faith by arming yourself with God's Word-2020



Whether you are a child or an adult, Fighter Verses app is designed to help you better acquaint yourself with scriptures on fighting and Psalms verses. It doesn't matter if you are an individual, a group of people, or an entire church wishing to review verses together, this app will help you do it at your own pace.

This fighter verses app was originally released with seven Bible translations, and had it’s content data base extended to eleven Bible translations on four languages, including the common English Standard Version, the New International version, the King James Version, right to the LBLA, which is a Spanish version of the Bible, SG21 - Segond 21 being a valuable addition on French, and LB2017 - Lutherbibel 2017 (German, available for additional cost), all being adjusted for comfortable separate psalms verses access. Other versions can be downloaded via in-app purchases. See our best bible study apps list for more options.

Join me in this fighter verses review to see how this app can help you, your loved ones, and perhaps even your entire church, memorize the scriptures.

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Fighter Verses: memorize Bible


Pre-Loaded Fighter Verses

When you first open up Fighter Verses - memorize bible verses / scripture memory, you will find more than 520 verses already pre-loaded for you. These verses are categorized into several collections, most notably the Foundation Verses collection, which is aimed at introducing the Word of God to young children.

This fantastic feature includes a picture along with each verse to facilitate visual memorization. Furthermore, you can also save certain verses to your lock screen, making you view the verse throughout the day as you check the time, receive calls, or use any of the apps.

The English Standard Version also features song mode where you can sing the verses or record yourself speaking the verses for review later on.

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Pre-Loaded Fighter Verses image

Test Your Knowledge

You can also add any verses you want into the My Verses section so that you may organize them as you wish, be it by topic, tag, or category. You won't have to type a single word: simply tap on the verses to add them to any collection.

Once you are done committing the verses to memory, you can test your retention by taking one of the six unique quizzes. The Quick Blanks quiz for instance lets you unveil one word with each tap while you recite the verse loudly or in your head. The Typing Quiz lets you type in missing words to verses provided.

With preloaded over 1000 verses of scriptures on fighting you can also try Trivia Quiz – multiple choice trivia questions (ESV only). Also worth mentioning in this fighter verses review is Foundation Verses collection, which are verses for young children. This is an amazing tool to help children memorize; each verse has a picture to help children identify the verse.

You can also configure a schedule for weekly revision and memorization, or simply set daily or weekly reminders to your iOS device to help you stay on track.

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Test Your Knowledge image

Fighter Verses: memorize Bible


Pros & Cons


  • Sing along with verse songs to help you learn the verses
  • Enjoy the Foundation Verses collection that is aimed specifically at children
  • Display verses on the lock screen so the verse is front of you every time you use your phone
  • Share your progress and favorite verses on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or email


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

If you have previously attempted to memorize verses from the Bible and failed in your endeavors, then give Fighter Verses - memorize bible verses / scripture memory a try. You might find yourself successful in this attempt thanks to the large variety of unique features this iPhone and iPad app has to offer.

Fighter Verses: memorize Bible

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