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Pet First Aid by American Red Cross app review: easily provide the care your furry buddy needs



What we have here is the premier resource for all things pertaining to the correct treatment and preventative care for your beloved pet, catering to both cats and dogs with loads of invaluable information available directly from your iPhone and iPad.

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I’ve reviewed a few American Red Cross apps over the past year or so, and I’m always very much impressed with the comprehensive nature of pretty much everything they put out into the market, not to mention the professionalism with which their material is presented.

Once again they’ve done a splendid job of providing a rather niche resource, in this case it’s the care of kitties and doggies and a very useful app for pets. There’s a lot of very useful information in here, so this app receives a very strong recommendation from me.

Pet First Aid:


Easily Handle Pet Emergencies

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross provides some very simple step-by-step instructions that are designed to guide you through various everyday issues and emergencies that you may find yourself in as the owner of a dog or cat.

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You’ll find advice on everything from how to correctly (and hopefully painlessly) administer medication, how to interpret changes in behavior, even how to know when it’s time to say goodbye to your furry friend.

Easily Handle Pet Emergencies image

Share the Love Online!

I’ve seen entire apps dedicated to finding things like veterinarian practices and pet-friendly hotels, but this app has it all covered so you’ll be covered in any eventuality, plus you can even set vet appoints directly within the app while keeping the practice’s phone number available at all times.

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What’s more, there are a bunch of quizzes that you can go through to earn badges which can then be shared with your friends and family online via Facebook, Twitter, email, and text message along with a picture of your buddy. This is the perfect way to let the world know how much you care!

Share the Love Online! image

Pet First Aid:


Pros and Cons


  • Easily provide the care your furry buddy needs
  • Easily toggle between cat and dog information
  • Use the early warning sign checker for preventative care
  • Insert your vet’s phone number for access throughout the app
  • Interactive quizzes allow you to earn badges that you can share with your friends on social media sites along with a picture of your pet
  • Prepare and protect your pet’s health with advice on administering medication, time to say goodbye, behavioral help, and more
  • Customize multiple pet profiles and set vet appointments
  • Learn first aid steps for over 25 common pet situations through a combination of text, video and images
  • Learn how to easily identify common substances that are toxic to pets


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross is a must-have for any of you with a furry companion of your own, so be sure to download it onto your iPhone and iPad today!

Pet First Aid:

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