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Gratitude Journal app review: transform your life through the power of gratitude



They say the happiest people are the ones who count their blessings. Become part of that demographic through the use of Gratitude Journal, an iPhone and iPad app, that enables you to have a daily reminder of reasons to be happy.


I personally find this idea absolutely fantastic and feel that the price tag of $0.99 sported by this app is a very small price to pay for feeling intrinsically content. This app certainly has the power to change lives and it is no wonder that it has been featured on the likes of USA TODAY, Good Morning America, the John Tesh Show, Mac World, and more.


Let's take a look at the features that have been incorporated into this app by the developer to help keep us consistently grateful.

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Gratitude Journal ~ the original!


Notable Moments

Gratitude Journal lets you create journal entries for each day, enabling you to make a bullet list of things you are grateful for that day. You can use either the default font or customize the font and bullets to suit your preferences. The interface menu options and other text are written in pleasant-looking cursive that really brings this journal to life.


I like the bullet format because it makes it easier to re-read entries. Journal entries can be searched for quick retrieval and you can rate each day's entry so that you can later look back in Calendar mode and see which days were the best.


I also thought the feature to add a photograph and a quote to entries was a great little touch and you can also choose one of the frames to highlight your picture the way you wish to. The date, location, and weather is also added to each day automatically.


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Gratitude Journal ~ the original! screenshot 1
Gratitude Journal ~ the original! screenshot 1

Daily Alerts

It takes time and patience to develop new habits, so it's important to have a reminder to fill out your journal each day. For this purpose, the developers have included a daily reminder which will gently alert you when it's time to reflect upon the day's events.


If you want to share any of your entries with loved ones, you can do so by emailing it directly to them through this app. On the other hand, if you want to keep your entries to yourself, you can also insert a passcode to protect your privacy from the prying eyes of others.


This variety of functions and features makes this app truly worth the $0.99, which is certainly less expensive than buying a physical journal for yourself.


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Gratitude Journal ~ the original! screenshot 2
Gratitude Journal ~ the original! screenshot 2

Gratitude Journal ~ the original!


Pros & Cons


  • Create a journal entry listing anything you are thankful for that day
  • Add a photo to your entry. Chose something that inspires you or one you took
  • Rate your day to see which are your best
  • Bulleted lists make reading entries easy
  • Search your journal entries



  • There is nothing negative to say about this app


Gratitude Journal ~ the original! screenshot 3
Gratitude Journal ~ the original! screenshot 3

Final Words

Gratitude Journal is an excellent iPhone and iPad app that will change your attitude towards your own life, as well as give you a large collection of items that you can flip through to find respite in the darkest of days.


Gratitude Journal ~ the original!

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