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Chore Pad HD app review: stay in control



If you have children then you know the importance of having them take part in household responsibilities, and by that I mean chores. It teaches them how to clean up after themselves, be part of a team, take pride in their own home, and of course teaches them about responsibility. I mean let’s face it: parents having a little help around the house would be great. This is where the Chore Pad HD app can come in handy. This one can be used on your iPad to help motivate and keep kids on track with their chores.

Chore Pad: Chores & Rewards, Beautifully Themed


Motivating Kids

Most parents understand just how important it is to teach children about helping out with the household chores but getting kids to actually do them is a whole other story. If you are constantly having to nag or remind your kids about completing their chores then this app has been tailor-made for your family. The way it works is that kids can see what chores have been assigned to them and then when they complete them they will earn stars which can be redeemed for rewards. This is another great feature about the app: these "rewards" are actually ones you've created so this app is totally customizable.

In the app's most recent update a there were a number of improvements and enhancements made so that users have a smooth experience. The app has 4.5 out of five stars as its customer rating. Parents are really appreciating how easy and fast it is for them to set up and then how kid-friendly the user interface is.

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A Useful Offering

Not every app provides a service but this one does by giving you the tools you need to help your kids be productive and help out with the family chores. As a mother of a five year old we are actually approaching the time where household chores can be taken on by my son, but finding a way to make him understand and feel motivated to do so has been tricky. This kind of app can work as a really engaging and fun answer.

The way it works is that every child is given their own card that shows their checkmark totals and their stars. Kids tap on their profile and up will pop their Chore Chart. They can view what has been done and what still needs to be done. They have the ability to view daily chore, weekly, and past chores.

A Useful Offering image

Chore Pad: Chores & Rewards, Beautifully Themed


Pros and Cons


  • Set up each child’s chore card and chore list
  • Kids can see their daily, weekly, and past chores
  • Stars are given when chores are completed
  • Stars can be redeemed for the “rewards” you’ve set
  • The app is able to support multiple children


  • This app is only available on the iPad
  • The price feels a tad bit high
  • Parents would like to see more customization and tools available to them to use

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Final Thoughts

The Chore Pad HD app can be used on your iPad to encourage kids to take part in the household chores.

Chore Pad: Chores & Rewards, Beautifully Themed

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