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Budget with Back in Black app review: get back into the black with this budget management tool



This is a very powerful iPhone and iPad app that has been designed for you to use as your one-stop resource and utility for keeping all of your personal and professional finances in order, with budget management features galore and loads more to boot.

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This iPad and iPhone budgeting app definitely makes a decent addition to its genre, and features a very nicely styled interface that I personally think makes for a far more enjoyable user-experience than some of the more low-end, generic developments available.

Budget with Back in Black


Get Into the Black...

Budget with Back in Black features all manner of handy tools to enable you to keep your head above water and remain forever in the black...or at least that’s the plan!

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With this app you can create a detailed record of all of your bills and other expenses, as well as any sources of income you may have.

With more than a hundred category icons to choose from, you can also very easily partition your funds based on the various aspects of your lifestyle, such as food, rent, vacations, mortgage repayments, and so on.

Get Into the Black... image

...and Stay There!

As with any budget or bill management app worth its salt, Budget with Back in Black enables you to set up any number of reminders to ensure you always stay one step ahead of your debts so that your bills are always paid on time.

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I also really like the way you can set up goals with this app. This is a great feature for those of you who are either working your way out of debt or who want to save up for something in the future, and having a determined goal should make you far more likely to stick to your saving efforts.

...and Stay There! image

Budget with Back in Black


Pros and Cons


  • Keep a detailed record of your bills, income, and other expenses
  • Create fixed expenses with 140 category icons to choose from
  • Set up reminders to ensure your bills are always paid on time
  • Choose between weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly budgeting
  • Select from preset goals or create your own
  • Add a snapshot of your goal from your device’s camera or Camera Roll, perfect for saving up for that new car!
  • Set your goals by goal date, total amount, and monthly installment that works for you
  • Open-ended saving lets you decide how much you want to save each month
  • Create a handy digital backup copy of your records via email
  • Keep your records safe and secure with passcode protection


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you’re looking for a quick and easy (and effective) way of managing your weekly and monthly budgets then I would definitely recommend downloading this iPhone and iPad app. For a couple of bucks you really can’t go wrong, so check Budget with Back in Black out!

Budget with Back in Black

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