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PZL app review: puzzles that are meant to challenge



There are those easy-to-solve puzzles and then there are the ones that leave you baffled and absolutely immersed for hours. The PZL app features a selection of three dimensional puzzles that are anything but easy to solve. This game can be played on your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone and is explained as almost a maze-like offering that really tests your problem solving skills. You’ll need to bend your mind around these puzzles in order to figure them out because there is nothing standard-looking here.

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Challenge Yourself

This app is a real challenge and will push you to your limits. There are 10 levels in total to work through and none of them are easy. For each move you make you are actually losing points so clearly you want to try to solve the puzzle in the least amount of moves possible. You can always replay a level to try to get a better score in hopes you can do better with each try. At any point you can pause the game to let you think about your next move. The graphics are smooth, 3D, and very cool.

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The app has had some very recent updates so that there is now a prompt for the player to choose a screen name. This is a brand-new feature. As well there is new information and screens to enjoy. The app doesn't currently have a customer rating or any comments.

Challenge Yourself image

Playing the Game

Launch the game to get some very brief and easy-to-understand instructions and then you’re set to begin. You are trying to work your orb through the puzzle by moving things out of your way. Keep in mind the ticker on the bottom of the screen keeps track of your moves and you are losing points as you go. I do find that although the graphics are very clean it is sometimes hard to see because of the light colors used. The colors of the puzzle are so similar to the background screen that it causes confusion and both of them are just a shade off the color of your orb.

All in all it’s a fun offering but I’m not sure that this one will keep you challenged enough to keep coming back to it time and again. I can see it getting old rather fast, unfortunately. Maybe if there were added challenges in it, or just some added features, it would add more interest.

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Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to understand the gameplay
  • Pause the game any time
  • Graphics are clean and simple


  • The gameplay may be too simple for some
  • There are no added features of interest in this game
  • The colors used make it difficult to view the puzzle at times

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Final Words

The PZL app can be played on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad and is all about testing your puzzle-solving skills in a fun 3D environment. This game can be played by any age group.


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