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Pocoyo Bedtime app review: help your child fall asleep



One of the best things you can do for a young child is set up a solid bedtime routine so it helps to calm them down at the end of the day and realize it's time for sleep. A bedtime story is a wonderful element to add to the routine and kids will likely continue to want a story past their toddler years. The Pocoyo Bedtime app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to provide kids with a wonderful bedtime story each night.

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Pocoyo Bedtime


You Child's Bedtime Collection

Think of this app as your child's new bedtime reading collection. All of the stories feature interactive elements, engaging storylines, and all kinds of fun characters. Kids will love all the music, sound effects, fun animations, the narration, and of course the unexpected surprises they'll discover along the way. All of the stories are 20 pages in length which is just the perfect amount of bedtime. You'll be able to get through the story without it taking up too much time, and that means your child will be off to bed on time.

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In this app's most recent update there were a number of enhancements and some bug fixes made, to make for a smoother, more stable experience. This app is free to download but there is an in-app purchase of $0.99, which provides you with more stories/content. The free version provides you with one free story. Right now the app has 3.5 out of five stars from users.


An engaging and entertaining bedtime story
An engaging and entertaining bedtime story

Let the Reading Begin

Launch Pocoyo Bedtime to choose your reading mode. There are three to choose from, which are Autoplay, Read to Me, and Read by Myself. Really the child’s age is what determines the level which is best suited for them. Should you pick a mode where narration is included you’ll find it to be very professional and engaging. I really enjoy that while the story is being read you also hear all kinds of cute and fun sound effects.

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What is really frustrating is the fact the app is ad supported and where the ads are placed it cuts off text, pictures, and elements of the story that are important to the experience. You really can’t use it properly while the ads are in there and to remove them requires an in-app purchase. As well I don’t find the story overly responsive to touch when trying to use the interactive elements.


Choose your reading mode
Choose your reading mode

Pocoyo Bedtime


Pros and Cons


  • Cute bedtime story for babies and toddlers to enjoy
  • The story features cute sound effects, music, and professional narration
  • There are three different reading modes to choose from



  • The ads are placed right on top of important elements of the story
  • The story isn’t always responsive to touch
  • There is only one story offered for free


Pocoyo Bedtime screenshot
Pocoyo Bedtime screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Pocoyo Bedtime app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to give kids a fun way to wind down before bedtime with an engaging and entertaining story.


Pocoyo Bedtime

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