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The Mindfulness App app review 2021



This is a very interesting little app for meditation designed for your iPhone and iPad that includes a variety of guided meditations and other features that you can use on a daily basis to help boost your mindfulness, ultimately improving your happiness and wellbeing for the long haul.

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What does mindfulness mean to you?

To me it means not being overwhelmed and controlled by one’s emotions, and the whims that come and go through the day based on the people and things we encounter. It means remaining present, even when the going gets tough and fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and even anger enter one’s mind.

Mindfulness also means taking the necessary steps to do our future selves ‘a favor,’ so to speak, by laying down the mental and emotional groundwork through meditation and mindfulness practices.

With this app for balance in life, you’ll find yourself dealing with situations far more effectively, without being overwhelmed. 

Keep reading our The Mindfulness app for iPhone review to see all of its features and to gauge how it measures up to the best meditation apps for iPhone and iPad users. 

The Mindfulness App


Remain Present In the Face of Adversity

As its name might suggest, The Mindfulness App has been designed to help you remain present throughout your day to day encounters through the practice of guided meditations and other tools on your mobile device.

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The meditation tracks range from three minutes in length all the way up to a half hour, and they are split up into seven different categories to make it a little easier to find the kind that is most suitable to your needs and preferences.

Remain Present In the Face of Adversity image

Use Silent Meditation to Delve Deeper

Also included is a silent meditation with nothing except for a bell that tolls to signal the beginning and end of each session. Once you’ve done some guided meditations I would definitely recommend trying a silent one because you’ll be amazed by what you find when you start rooting around in your own head!

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What’s more, you can also receive mindfulness notices so that the benefits of your meditation and awareness practices can resonate throughout your days.

Use Silent Meditation to Delve Deeper image

The Mindfulness App


Pros and Cons


  • Includes a variety of guided meditations ranging from three minutes to 30
  • Categories are split up into seven categories to help you find the most suitable one for you
  • Also features silent meditation with bells to signal the start and end of each session
  • Personalize your meditations based on whether or not you want the guidance or bells
  • Set up reminders so that you never skip a meditation session
  • Receive mindfulness notices so that the benefits of meditation and awareness practices can resonate throughout your days
  • Purchase even more great meditation tracks from directly within the app
  • Use the Statistics session to see what kind of progress you’re making
  • Research suggests that regular practice for 20 minutes a day brings desired effects


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Mindfulness App won’t be for everyone, but I’d very strongly recommend downloading it onto your iPhone and iPad if you’re grasping for something to help reduce your stress and help you to regain control of your emotions in a more balanced manner.

The Mindfulness App

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