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Vintique app review: a photo-editing suite to create vintage-style photographs 2021



An increasingly popular category of Photo and Video apps includes photo-editing apps that help their users turn regular images into vintage-style photographs. Vintique is one such iPhone and iPad photo editing app.

Boasting 16 powerful vintage filters, supporting images of all resolutions, and featuring a full suite of adjustment tools, this iPhone app for editing photos is sure to transform your photos just the way you want.

Vintique photo editor for iPhone is available on the App store for a modest price of $0.99, with a plethora of in-app purchases available to expand the user experience. Let's examine this photo editor app for iPhone and iPad users to see just how good it really is to edit photos with this app. 

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Filters & Effects

The main user interface of Vintique has a beautiful look and feel, and features some of the most intuitive controls I've experienced, making it an absolute pleasure to use. The interactive interface has five menu options including Effects, Adjustments, Layering, Frames, and Sharing.

There are 16 basic filters included in this app, each one unique and pretty. Adjustments can be made to each filter in terms of how intense you want the application to be and how opaque you'd like your filter to appear on the photograph.

Further adjustments can also be made such as Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Vibrance, and other effects such as the Temperature, Tint, Gamma, Hues, and Shadows can also be applied.

Each step is layered so you can go to the third menu option and adjust any layer at any time, making it very easy to undo any changes even if you made those adjustments several steps ago. This makes an Undo button rather obsolete because that would mean undoing all the work you have done since then too, just to correct or modify one of the deeper layers.

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Filters & Effects image

In-App Purchases & Sharing

There are a whopping 49 frames available on this app to apply to your photograph, out of which 18 are message frames. Message frames are wider on one side to fit in some text that may give more meaning to your photographs.

If you still find that there aren't enough filters, effects, or textures, you will get access to plenty of options for in-app purchases that can expand your photo-editing options, such as Extra Filter Packs, Season Texture Pack, and the Flare Pack, all of which are available for $0.99 and definitely... pack a punch!

Vintique also upholds the standard when it comes to social media integration as photos can be shared easily on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email, or simply saved to the Camera Roll for opening in other apps.

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In-App Purchases & Sharing image



Pros & Cons


  • Choose from 16 vintage filters to give a unique twist to your photographs
  • Edit images of all resolutions without having to pay extra for larger, high-quality pictures
  • Make adjustments to your photos such as brightness, contrast, gamma, hue, and much more


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Vintique has some imaginative filters and great options for frames and Polaroid-like appearances that can truly transform any ordinary picture into something worth printing and saving in an album. I would definitely recommend grabbing this one on your iPhone or iPad if you are a sucker for vintage-style photography.

It might just be the best photo editing app for iPad and iPhone users looking for that vintage look to their photos. 


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Neha Sinha

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