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Risk Assessor Lite app review: measure the risks 2021



Have you ever wondered what the risks are in a certain situation or with a specific question? The Risk Assessor app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can be used to help you measure the risks quickly and easily.

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The app for risk assessment, which targets those in the workplace, is able to put together a report for you after you take a photo and drop it into the workplace safety app for iPhone.

There are personalization options available so that you are getting an answer that is specific to your potential risk. Let's dig deeper into this employee manager app for iPhone to see all that it offers. 

Risk Assessor Lite


What’s the Risk?

Instead of wondering the risk of a certain situation and possibly end up doing something that can be harmful or not beneficial for you, run the risk through this app.

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As mentioned you need to take a photo of the area that poses a possible risk and then drop it the risks that are already pre-loaded over that photo.

Where you get to personalize it is by picking the likelihood, worst-case outcome, and the control measure, and by doing that you'll have a report generated. Of course this can't offer a guaranteed result but it can certainly help you come to the best conclusion.

This is a brand-new release and currently doesn't have any customer ratings or comments at this point. Because this is the lite version of the app there is an upgrade available for $6.99.

The upgrade allows you to make use of the unlimited emails feature. Don't worry though: the free version still lets you test out all the features.

What’s the Risk? image

Using the App

As mentioned with this app you'll be given a professional-looking report that is personalized and given to you in PDF format. The app allows you to add in all your own risks, you can make use of the preloaded ones, and you can edit the control measures and risks.

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When you are given the report you can save it and also email it, which is great for sharing with a group. All your assessments can also be synced with iCal so you can set up reminders.

When you launch the app you will be able to add in all your company details such as name, address, telephone number, and more.

From here you will need to customize the app further by adding in a company logo photo, then setting up the risk assessor’s name, position, and scan in a signature. As you can see, it’s incredibly professional.

Using the App image

Risk Assessor Lite


Pros and Cons


  • Creates professional-looking risk assessment reports
  • Risk assessments are given in PDF format
  • Reports can be emailed
  • The app allows for plenty of personalization and customization
  • The app is simple to use


  • The set-up is rather time consuming
  • The user interface feels lacking, could be more polished

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Risk Assessor Lite app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to take situations and personalize the risks involved and generate a professional-looking report that can be shared with others.

Risk Assessor Lite

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