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Piano™ HD App Review




Piano HD is a Chinese developed piano app for teaching you to play the Piano on your iPad, and so far, since it has hit the market, it’s proving a massive success. Its latest version which has already ironed out the bugs in just two months averages a 4.5 star rating out of 5 with over 650 reviews. Obviously only applicable for the iPad size and other tablets, as you are teaching yourself piano, the HD interface is perfect for training the intricate movements of your fingers on life size piano keys.

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You can however flip across to its adjustable sized keyboard, where you can get to pick from multiple sound effects like the harp, bass, marimba, guitar or electric bass. You can also recode it and share all your latest creative tracks online by recording them all within the app, then posting them on Facebook, Twiiter or Youtube.

The retina interface is also excellent at clearly demonstrating the wide arrange of keys by giving you the option to display the specific key numbers like B3, C3, D4 etc. As mentioned user reviews are extremely positive and being completely free with no hidden in-app costs, or irritating banners this app by YuXuanCentury is a definite must for downloading if you want to just dabble,  show of your talent or write, record and play a track to that special someone.

Piano™ HD


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However, to make it even more of a personal gift this app will record your voice and play it in a crystal clear sound format, providing you’re in a quiet environment, letting you share it immediately once recorded. Available in English, Chinese and Japanese, it’s only 31MB to download and no doubt future upgrades will introduce new features allowing you to train and express your talent further. This really is a great piano learning app.

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Piano™ HD


Piano™ HD

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