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My Wedding Countdown app review: keep track of the days, hours, and minutes until your big day



Have you recently proposed to or been proposed to by the love of your life? Does it make you giddy just thinking about your wedding day and the marriage that is to come thereafter? If so, then My Wedding Countdown is a must-have app on your iPhone or iPad.

With My Wedding Countdown, you can preserve those fluttery feelings and be reminded through the days, weeks, and months that you are about to tie the knot and thus begin your very own family. This app lets you keep track of how long you have to go until the big day and share it with your friends and family.

This app costs just $0.99 and has become so widely used that it has been featured in the 2012 Top Ten Wedding Countdown apps!

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My Wedding Countdown


Personalized UI

My Wedding Countdown features a simple yet elegant user interface. The home screen that is displayed upon startup is the countdown to your wedding along with four menu icons namely Date, Photo, Share, and Phrase.

When you launch this app for the first time, you will be prompted to tap in the date of your wedding. Enter your date right down to the hour and minute of your wedding and the app will calculate exactly how long it will be until your sacred union.

This number will then be displayed on the home screen of the interface. Here you will also be able to put a photograph of you and your fiance or fiancee. I like this feature because it gives the app a very personal look and feel. You can take a picture by tapping on the Photo icon and using the app's in-built camera. Alternatively, you can also use one of the photographs from your Camera Roll.

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Personalized UI image

Notifications For You And Your Wedding Guests

Another awesome feature of this app is the ability to share the countdown with friends and family, particularly those who are going to attend the wedding. You can send out updates on the countdown directly through My Wedding Countdown via a text message, which will display the number of months, weeks, days, hours, and even minutes until your wedding day.

Or better yet, send them an email. Not only do emails sent out from this app have all that information, they also contain an automatically imported screenshot of the countdown from within the app. You can also do this using the Facebook or Twitter icons to post the screenshot on social media networks.

Set alerts for your wedding to receive notifications on your phone reminding you how long until your big day with your desired frequency. You can also set Special Occasion notifications which will alert you exactly one year, month, week, day, or hour prior to your special day.

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Notifications For You And Your Wedding Guests image

My Wedding Countdown


Pros & Cons


  • View exactly how long until you say “I do,” right down to the minute
  • Receive reminder notifications at your desired intervals (daily, monthly, weekly, and so on)
  • Give the interface a personalized look and feel by adding a photograph of  you and your significant other
  • Share the countdown with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, text, or email


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Simple and straightforward yet sleek, My Wedding Countdown is a great iPhone and iPad app that will give you gentle reminders about one of the most important days of your life and leave a smile on your face. Definitely worth the $0.99.

My Wedding Countdown

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