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Daily Budget Pro app review: an easy and convenient way of saving money



This is a very clever iPad and iPhone budgeting app that offers a slightly novel approach to managing your finances, enabling you to set up a daily budget that will roll over into the next day with any leftover amount that you didn’t spend.

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I really like the concept behind this app as I think it provides more of a real-time feedback system on a daily basis rather than simply setting up a monthly budget and winging it from one day to the next. This definitely seems like a more effective approach for a lot of people.

The developer has definitely done a pretty decent job with this app overall, and I love the unique approach they’ve taken to what I would say is otherwise a pretty cluttered and repetitive category of apps.

Daily Budget Original Pro - Saving Is Fun!


Save the Smart Way

Daily Budget Pro - The Fastest Way to Save Money, Guaranteed! features an intelligent approach to saving by focusing on your daily expenses rather than having you project a weekly or monthly budgeted amount.

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This means that you can set up a daily budget, and any amount that you haven’t spend at the end of the day will automatically roll over into tomorrow. This should work far better than spending on a whim for the first half of the month and then trying to play catch-up for the remaining days.

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What's On Your Wishlist?

I also really like the way you can set up a Wishlist with bigger purchases you want to save up for. This means that you can project into the mid- or long-term for something to aim for, while not losing sight of your daily spending habits.

Additionally there is a high level of customization available, and you can even sort your expenses into different categories to get a clearer idea of exactly where your money is going.


Daily Budget Original Pro - Saving Is Fun!


Pros and Cons


  • An easy and convenient way of saving money
  • Set up a daily personal budget and any unspent amount will roll over to the next day
  • Create a Wishlist of bigger purchases that you want to save up for
  • Also includes a handy Fix Cost Calculator
  • Daily savings are automatically calculated
  • Set up categories to see exactly where your money is going
  • Cycle lengths can easily be adjusted to factor in things like public holidays and vacations
  • View your projected savings over a given timeframe
  • Export your records via email in.CSV file format


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

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Final Words

Daily Budget Pro - The Fastest Way to Save Money, Guaranteed! is a great finance app which should definitely help you to save a pretty penny over the coming days, weeks, and months.

Focusing on your short-term actions as a way of building towards longer-term goals is an incredibly effective approach, and I definitely recommend checking out this iPhone and iPad app.

Daily Budget Original Pro - Saving Is Fun!

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