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Men's Hairstyles app review: a hairstyle app designed especially for men



Whether you wish to see what you'd look like if you had Kurt Cobain's hairstyle or you want to get your friends' opinions on your next haircut, Men's Hairstyles is a fantastic iPhone and iPad app that can help you decide how to sport your hair.

This app is just over four years old and the developers claim it was the first hairstyle app which focused on hairstyles for men. For these four years, the developers have been on a mission to make this app better, faster, and more fun. Their hard work has helped them get featured on the New York Times along with the honor of becoming part of the Top Paid Lifestyle App in more than 50 countries.

Let's find out just how much self-indulgent fun you can have with Men's Hairstyles.

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Men's Hairstyles


Real Hairstyles For Real Men

The first thing you'll notice about Men's Hairstyles is that this app uses only real hairstyles. These hundreds of hairstyles, beards, and mustaches are taken from actual photographs and are professionally edited by the development team to make them look like the real thing when you try them on.

Hairstyles are divided into categories namely Short, Medium, Long, Beards, Mustaches, and my personal favorite: Crazy. You can test out various hairstyles on anyone you want, as long as you have their photograph. Take a picture of yourself, grab one of your friend's photos from the camera roll, or even use the sample models included in the app.

Once you have loaded the photograph and are ready to try on a new look, pick out the hairstyle you'd like to incorporate into this picture. You can adjust the placement of the hairstyles, scale their size, and rotate each of them to suit the the angle of your test subject in the photo.

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Real Hairstyles For Real Men image

But Wait: There's More!

Unlike most other hairstyle apps, Men's Hairstyles also allows you to further modify the look. You can chop and trim off parts of the hairstyle that you don't want by simply touching the screen, and even flip the hair to change the side on which it is parted. The blurriness, lightness, brightness, and much more can also be adjusted to your liking.

This app employs a layer tool which allows you to add multiple features such as hair, beards, and mustaches, allowing for easy editing of each component.

When you have finished testing out your hairstyles, you can pick out your favorite applications and save them in your camera roll to show your hairdresser. You can also save your favorite hairstyles for quick and easy implementation in the future by using the layer tool.

Alternatively, get opinions from your friends via Email, Twitter, Facebook, and iMessage as all of these are integrated into the Share option. Add fun captions using the text editor where you can fully customize the font style, color, and more.

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But Wait: There

Men's Hairstyles


Pros & Cons


  • Choose from hundreds of real hairstyles, professionally edited from actual photographs
  • Buy the app once to enjoy it across all your iOS devices
  • Save your favorite hairstyles to apply them easily
  • Share your completed work with friends and family or save to your Camera Roll to show your hairdresser


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

With so many iPhone and iPad apps in the market for women to try on different hairstyles, finally the men also get to have a change to see what they look like with various varieties of both cranial as well as facial follicles.

Men's Hairstyles

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