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Private Photo Vault Pro app review: tuck away your most prized photos and videos behind a password-protected domain-2021



If you are looking for a trusted and widely-used iPhone and iPad photo vault app to hide away some of your photos and videos, then Private Photo Vault app is just the right tool for you.

You can get this secret photo album app one of two ways: dish out the $2.99 directly or try out its free version. Through the latter, you can make an in-app purchase which will get you to the pro version. 

Additionally, this app recently upgraded its User Interface, User Experience and have added new features. You can check out our photo vault app review to get a better idea of the app's features. Take a look at our best vault apps list for more great options.

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SV - Private Photo Vault PRO


Lock Away Your Photos & Videos

Upon opening Private Photo Vault Pro - Ultimate Photo+Video Manager, you will notice the comforting familiarity of the interface which greatly resembles the intuitive interface of the camera roll. Here you can import the photos from your Camera Roll to lock away in this private space, by setting password protection for entry into this app.

Furthermore, you can also view your image gallery, sort albums, and even view them all in a slideshow, use secret photo album app to create albums right in the app, import/export from photo app, iTunes syncing, wireless photo transfer, email photos, and text message photos using intuitive Interface just like photo app.

You can even use photo vault app's private web browser to download photos directly to the app making this a fantastic photo management tool as opposed to just a vault where you throw in the stuff you want to keep to yourself.

Similarly, videos are also supported on this app and can be imported from or exported to the camera roll very easily, or simply viewed from the app's built-in video player.

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Lock Away Your Photos & Videos image

Password Protection Options

The best part about this app is that it really is a super high-security device. Not only does it give you password protection for the files that are meant for your eyes only, but it also gives you the option to have a pin lock or a pattern/dot lock.

Furthermore, each photo album can be password protected so you can keep your prying parents or people away from the albums you'd like to keep private.

Another super exciting feature is that you can get a break-in report if someone tries to get into your sensitive material. You will receive a photograph as well as the GPS location of the guilty party as you catch them red-handed!

Password Protection Options image

SV - Private Photo Vault PRO


Pros & Cons


  • Set up pin locks or dot/pattern password protection for your app or for individual photo albums
  • Manage your photos and videos easily by importing and exporting from the camera roll
  • Enjoy a very easy to use interface which resembles the familiar Camera Roll
  • Catch those trying to break into your password-protected albums red-handed


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Private Photo Vault Pro is a great app to manage and hide away photos and videos contained in your iPhone or iPad, and can be especially useful for those who share their devices. I would suggest trying out the free app if you are still not convinced!

SV - Private Photo Vault PRO

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