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Note Taker HD app review: a powerful tool for writing and organizing handwritten notes 2021



What we have here is a wonderfully well-featured notes app that you can use on your iPad to jot down your most important ideas while on the go, as well as being able to write up high-quality works in a user-friendly interface with the option to share your work with others online.

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I absolutely love the idea behind this iPad notes app, and the developer has done a fantastic job of providing a low-cost addition to the Productivity category of the App Store but with all the functionality of some of the higher-end developments available within the same genre.

Is this one of the best notes app for iPad users? Keep reading our Note Taker HD app review to find out.

Note Taker HD


iPad Owners Take Note!

Note Taker HD is, in its most basic form, a tool for making notes, either in a handwritten format or by simply typing them. You can also organize your work into folders and documents to keep things nice and organized once you begin to accumulate a lot of notes.

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When it comes to actually writing your notes, you’ll be very pleased with the amount of options that are on offer. You can add more than 60 different shapes as well as inserting images from your Camera Roll, clipboard, or by snapping a quick shot with your device’s integrated camera.

iPad Owners Take Note! image

Enjoy an Array of Customization Options

You can also apply customizable backgrounds to your work by importing images or PDF documents, and once you’ve laid down a background you can even add stylized blocks of typed text with a variety of optional borders available.

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As if all of that wasn’t enough, you’ll also enjoy full support for VGA, HDMI, and AirPlay with zoom, pan, and a moveable pointer, so you can even use Note Taker HD to give public presentations to a larger audience if you wish.

Enjoy an Array of Customization Options image

Note Taker HD


Pros and Cons


  • Utilize a powerful tool for writing and organizing handwritten notes
  • Organize your notes into folders and documents for easy browsing
  • Apply customized backgrounds to your work from images or PDF documents
  • Add stylized blocks of text with optional borders
  • Share editable copies of your work with others online via email
  • Create a handy digital backup copy of your work in .PDF file format
  • Easily add images to your work from your device’s clipboard, Camera Roll, or integrated camera
  • Includes full support for languages written right-to-left
  • Preview your work in full screen mode
  • Provides full support for VGA, HDMI, and AirPlay with zoom, pan, and a moveable pointer
  • Keep your work safe and secure with passcode protection
  • Includes an extensive Help document to help you get up to speed with the features in no time at all


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you’re looking for a cheap and effective way of being able to make detailed notes with images, shapes, and other goodies on your iPad, then you’re definitely in for a treat with Note Taker HD, which receives a very strong recommendation from me.

Note Taker HD

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