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PenScore Baseball Scorecard app review: Keeping score the old school way 2021



Sports apps come in all shapes and sizes. Most of these apps are created to make the life of a sports fan easier. Some apps are actually very handy to use for players of the sports and even trainers and coaches.

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I have seen those kinds of apps for almost every sport, but today marks the first time that I have stumbled upon a baseball app for devotees.

PenScore Baseball Scorecard app promises to bring back the fun of keeping score like back in the day with pen and paper.

Now, since I’m not from the United States, I don’t really know that feeling, but I have done my best to describe this baseball scorebook app by Brendan Mahon as detailed as I can. The baseball score app is compatible with both iPad and iPhone. Let's see if it's the best baseball app for scorekeeping. 

PenScore : Baseball Scorecard / Scorekeeping


What does the app have to offer?

Before you can actually use the app you need to set up your game. You will have to input the team name and choose if you want to keep score for one or both of the teams.

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When you’re ready you can simply add the names of the batters and their positions. Then you can zoom in to a pitch view where you can detail the flight of the ball, how many strikes the batter needed and how many points they scored.

You can also input additional notes if you need to and you can show in a zoomed in mode how many bases the batter has ran. Pitcher stats can also be added in huge detail.

What does the app have to offer? image

App Design and usability

The app design is very sleek and easy to use. You can simply do everything with a swipe of the finger and by tapping on text fields. There is one minor flaw when you come out of the zoomed mode, as it takes quite a while to go back to the main input screen.

When you tap to zoom out and it doesn’t do anything, you will be tapping it again, making you go back to the home screen where you will need to set up a new game again. This will make you lose all your data.

App Design and usability image

PenScore : Baseball Scorecard / Scorekeeping


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Sleek design
  • Detailed stats
  • Very detailed zoomed in view of the field


  • You might lose all your data if you accidentally tap twice

Pros and Cons image


If you like baseball, and the statistics of this sport, you will absolutely love this app. I can imagine that someone who likes to keep stats of their favorite team, or runs their own baseball team, will have a ton of fun with this app and will swear by it. For lazy people like me, I would choose another app that gives you the stats instead of having to fill it in yourself. The app is developed for both iPad and iPhone.

PenScore : Baseball Scorecard / Scorekeeping

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