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The Alice App app review: an interactive take on the classic



Whether your kids are familiar with Alice in Wonderland or not this app is a fun and interactive take on the classic tale. The Alice App can be used on your iPad and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. This app is all about learning how to read in a fun and engaging way that makes kids want to continue. The app uses fabulous animations, games, interactions, and sound effects that draw kids in right from the start.

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The Alice App


Resembles a Journey

This app is really meant to feel like a journey rather than a typical book, which it definitely succeeds with. It tells the classic tale of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland but in a way the book just wouldn't be able to do as this app offers interactive features. Of course, the whole idea behind the app is to help kids read and familiarize themselves with a variety of words. The app's narration is professional sounding and plenty of fun, in fact that's animated in itself. The developer urges parents not to look at this one as just a book where you sit and read it from start to finish. Instead you are encouraged to explore all it has to offers such as the puzzles, riddles, interactive elements, and even brainteasers.

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In the app's most recent update, a number of keywords were changed and the app now offers Facebook integration. The app doesn’t currently have a customer rating or customer comments.


Fabulous illustrations
Fabulous illustrations

The Reading Experience

Of course a lot of this app is about the actual reading experience which is pretty incredible. Kids can listen and follow along with the narration. Don't let kids forget to interact though because there are games, puzzles, hilarious sound effects, and more for them to discover. This is the kind of app where you want to encourage them to touch everything and anything.

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The artwork in this app needs to be mentioned as it uses detailed paintings by Emmanuel Paletz who was inspired by the Renaissance. It offers a different look at the tale that you aren't used to, again which helps to keep it interesting for kids. This is also a wonderful way for children to learn and appreciate art since it is found on each and every page of this story. The story is a bit long so this one might be better enjoyed little pieces at a time unless the kids aren’t willing to put it down.


Follow along with the narration
Follow along with the narration

The Alice App


Pros and Cons


  • Child-friendly user interface
  • Browse through the app with ease
  • Fabulous artwork illustrations
  • Games, interactions, puzzles, and more on each page
  • Professional sounding narration
  • Fabulous sound effects



  • It is only available on the iPad
  • It may be better suited to older kids – over toddler age


The Alice App screenshot
The Alice App screenshot

Final Words

The Alice App can be enjoyed on your iPad and gives kids a new and engaging way to enjoy this classic. The artwork, interactions, and games make this book come alive and really resonate with kids.


The Alice App

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