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LensLight app review: light up your photographs - literally!-2021



The iPhone and iPad have certainly revolutionized the frequency with which we take photographs, and there are so many photo-editing suites available to make these pictures look truly wonderful.

Although there are many photo & video apps that offer a basic set of editing features, these are a dime a dozen and not necessarily offering anything new and unique to the users. LensLight app is one photo-editing app that isn't your run-of-the-mill editor.

It's a light source app that adds beautiful lighting to your photos. You'll get a wide selection of interactive lights in this light app for iPhone. If you're an amateur or professional photographer then this circle light for iPhone app is worthy of your consideration. Take a look at the review below to see why. 

LensLight Visual Effects


Illuminate Your Images

Unlike other apps that have static layers of glare or grunge, LensLight utilizes a unique Optics Engine to render the lights in real time and give you a fantastic illuminating effect.

This light source app has effects that are completely dynamic as you move them around like a real camera lens. You'll see beautiful streaks, glares, and edge bloom to add that final touch to your photos with the circle light for iPhone.

These effects, particularly the lens flare, can be moved around as though you have an actual camera lens attached. This is the same technology used by the popular pro Mac app, LensFlare Studio.

This app produces high-resolution images of up to 3072x3072 pixels, or 9 megapixes and can be easily uploaded to Instagram. Even photographs taken in landscape mode can be uploaded without being cropped if you wish to include the full image.

Illuminate Your Images  image

Add Flair With Flares

Of course, there are certain photographs that will look better with the LensFlare effects. Photos featuring real light sources such as the Sun, a spot light, or even a car headlight will give you the best results.

The flares and glares should be applied in moderation to get a realistic look and feel, but you can also go crazy with them! Apply flares and glares directly onto the real light source to get the standard effect, or place them just out of the frame so that you see the licks and splashes of light thrown across the lens.

You can also use Bokeh effects around the edges of the light sources to make it stand out and emanate a beautiful luminosity.

Should you get bored of the effects included within this app, you can buy the Flare Pack or Sun Pack via in-app purchases to get a completely new set of effects that you can play around with. The Flare Pack includes colorful flares including ones named Fashion Shoot, Radiance, and Shimmer.

Add Flair With Flares image

LensLight Visual Effects


Pros & Cons


  • Add beautiful lighting effects to your photographs including LensFlare, Bokeh, Light Leaks, and Spotlight
  • Enjoy the Optics Engine that renders lights into your photograph in real-time
  • Enjoy high-resolution photographs at 9 megapixels and 3072x3072 pixel output
  • Upload your work directly to Instagram with an option that lets you preserve your photograph's aspect ratio


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Apps like LensLight make me so happy that I review iPhone and iPad apps for a living because some apps like this one are truly such a pleasure to use. This is a great tool for photographs to add to their post-production arsenal. A must-have!

LensLight Visual Effects

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