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Milk Maid app review: designed to help pumping moms manage their stash of breast milk 2021



This is a very handy little iPhone and iPad breast milk pumping app for all you nursing mothers out there who like to keep stashes of breast milk in different locations and are looking for a way of ensuring you always use perfectly fresh batches for your little one.

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I think that this is a great idea for a baby feeding app, and it’s certainly one that has been executed very nicely by the developer. You’ll find just about everything that you need to record your pumping and feeding sessions, as well as sending data to your healthcare provider if necessary.

With its attractive interface and very clearly laid out range of features, this Milkmaid app for iPhone is well worth spending a couple of bucks on, so it definitely receives a very strong recommendation from me. Keep reading our Milkmaid app review for more details. 

Milk Maid


Milk Maids Rejoice!

Milk Maid has been designed to act as an all-in-one utility for nursing mothers, providing you with tools for recording pumping sessions and quickly being able to see exactly where your fresh and frozen breast milk is stashed.

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There are a few preset locations that you can choose from, with obvious options such as Home and Work, or alternatively you can create your own custom locations, perhaps for the homes of specific family members or friends.

Milk Maids Rejoice! image

Record Individual Bottles, Bags, Feedings, and More

This app basically allows you to organize your milk down to the individual bottle and bag, and everything is organized automatically based on the date it was pumped to ensure you always use the oldest possible milk first.

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There is also a handy built-in timer, so if you’re having trouble pumping your breasts evenly then this is a great way of fixing that. 

Record Individual Bottles, Bags, Feedings, and More image

Milk Maid


Pros and Cons


  • Record pumping sessions and quickly see your inventory of fresh and frozen milk in multiple locations
  • Choose from preset locations such as Home, Work, and so on, or create your own
  • Organize individual bottles and bags by pumping date so that you can use the oldest milk first
  • Combine milk from multiple pumping sessions or pour milk from one bottle into multiple bottles and freezer bags
  • Record the bottles and bags used by you or your caregiver each day
  • Set an expiration period for each storage location
  • Includes a handy timer to help you pump your breasts evenly
  • Browse and edit your entire history of pumpings and feedings
  • Easily export your records in .CSV and .RTF file formats via email or Wi-Fi transfer
  • Offers full support for Metric and Imperial systems


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Milk Maid for iPhone and iPad is well worth checking out in my opinion, and I think it’ll make it far easier for you milk maids to manage your stash and ensure your baby always has what he or she needs.

Milk Maid

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