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AnkiApp Spaced Repetition Flashcards app review: learn with flashcards 2021



The AnkiApp is a unique flashcards app that allows you to really study at a speed that works for you. This app puts you in charge so you set the schedule and pace of sessions that are one minute in length or less.

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The whole idea behind this app is that by making it quick and easy you'll be more likely to study via your anki decks and therefore succeed in your goals.

AnkiApp uses an improved form of Spaced Repetition (SRS), built with Artificial Intelligence (AI), to maximize the amount of learning you get done in each study session. When you go to study, the AI chooses which flashcards you need to work on, based on a detailed analysis of your progress.  

If you have any issues, the anki manual will help address them. Keep reading our AnkiApp review for more details. When finished, check out our flashcard apps list for comparable options.

AnkiApp Flashcards


An Individualized Approach

This app really takes an individualized approach to learning with flashcards. It really doesn't matter what you want to learn - perhaps you are studying math, another language, history, or any other topic; the app is customized to your needs.

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In this anki manual you can find how to flip your anki decks to study back-to-front, with a couple taps and sync automatically with desktop, web app, and your other phones and tablets. Format your cards using colored text, bulleted lists, underlines, and more, all without knowing CSS.

This app presents you with "bite-sized study sessions" that are one minute or less in length. This means even if you have only a couple of minutes to spare you can still fit in a study session. The app gets to know you and then automatically puts your flashcards in order so you spend more time on the ones you don't know as well.

It has recently been updated with all kinds of changes. The user interface is probably the most noticeable difference offering all kind of enhancement. You can now create and then edit your very own layout for the cards. Speaking of cards the deck creator is now stronger than ever. 

An Individualized Approach image

Features of the App

Even though this is a simple approach to flashcards, it is highly customizable so you are given lots of features here.

Some of the noteworthy ones include the fact that it works offline which gives you the flexibility to study any time and any place, the ability to import your decks from Ankiweb or create them from scratch, and the fact your flashcards can have audio and images.

I really like the fact that you are given a letter grade and percentage based on your performance so you can get an accurate sense of how you're doing.

This is a streamlined approach to using flashcards for educational purposes and it seems like it would offer plenty of practical uses.

Latest updates include fixing bugs, grid improvements, view and edit cards easier than before, and a host of additional improvements to the functionality of this app. 

Features of the App image

AnkiApp Flashcards


Pros and Cons


  • The app is highly customizable
  • Offers short study sessions that are one minute in length or shorter
  • Use it to study any topic
  • Gives you a letter and percentage grade based on your performance
  • Can be used offline
  • Create and edit your own deck
  • Add audio and images to flashcards


  • This may not be the approach that works for you, may not be as in-depth

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The AnkiApp Spaced Repetition Flashcards app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way of studying any topic in short sessions.

AnkiApp Flashcards

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