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NetIncome app review: stay on budget with a practical tool



At the end of the month are you always out of money and left wondering where it all went? If so you need a tool that can help you budget and view all your money spending. The NetIncome app is meant to be used a user-friendly budgeting tool that will help you not just stay on track but also manage your money with ease. This app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and literally takes just a few clicks to set up your budget.

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NetIncome - Create and manage your monthly budget


Can Be Used by Anyone

There is no need to have any experience setting up a budget as this app has been designed to be completely simple and quick to use. The goal is to help you manage your income by showing you what you'll have left after all your expenses, which is your net income. The app does all the work for you as far as calculations go, just enter in your details and let it do its thing. If you'd like you can get specific though and monitor different spending categories. You can do this with the “Live!” function.

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This budget tracking app has recently been update with new icons, bug fixes, the Live! Function has been added to the start screen, and this function has been enhanced overall. The app requires iOS 7.0 or later to use and currently doesn't have any customer ratings and very few comments, which are all positive so far.

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Stay on Track

So why use a budget? Well it can help you track your expenses, help you save money, and make it possible to meet those financial goals because you have better control over your money. By learning your net income it makes it possible to understand exactly what “surplus” you have to work with on a monthly basis. Perhaps you’ll discover you need to cut back on expenses or maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised and discover you actually have more money than you thought.

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The app offers 90 icons to choose from that you use in the main categories, your costs in the spending categories can be entered in for five different time periods, and there is an overall budget breakdown in both the spending and main categories. Launch the app any time to view a history of your past budgets or see where you're sitting for the current month. For privacy reasons all your information is stored locally on your device.

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NetIncome - Create and manage your monthly budget


Pros and Cons


  • Create a personalized monthly budget
  • Quickly and easily enter in all your income and expenses and let the app automatically calculate your net income
  • View your current budget and past ones any time
  • All your information is stored locally on your device


  • There were bugs in the previous version, which have now been addressed

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Final Thoughts

The NetIncome app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone so that you can easily set up a monthly budget and stay on track where your net income is concerned.

NetIncome - Create and manage your monthly budget

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