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Massage On Demand app review: enjoy a massage at home 2021



With people's lives being increasingly busy and the stress they take on seems to be more and more, it's no wonder a person's body starts to feel the effects. 

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Massage therapy is a wonderful way to help with those aches and pains as well as address more serious ailments. Instead of having to find a massage therapist and travel to them, here's a good massage app for iPhone and iPad users to book one in your own home any time you want so it works around your schedule.

The Massage On Demand app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. This massage app allows you to conveniently and quickly book a massage in your own home.

For more details about the features of this iPhone massage app, keep reading our Massage On Demand app review below.

Zeel In-Home Massage Therapist


Your Home, Your Schedule, Your Way

Instead of having to travel to a massage therapist or even book an appointment at an expensive spa, why not book a massage right in your own home? As well these massages can be booked in a hotel room, which can help you recover from a long flight, train, or car trip.

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You can book for the current day or any day anytime between 8 am and 10:30 pm, which means it offers true flexibility. Massages are also available seven days a week. All massage therapists are insured, licensed, and vetted and come prepared with a portable massage table.

This app recently went through a number of bug fixes resulting in smoother performance overall. The app has 4.5 out of five stars from users who clearly see the value in using this app.

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Booking Your Appointment

Booking your appointment could literally not be easier and quicker. You can book an appointment in as little as one hour before you would like to have it. Once you book your appointment you are sent instant confirmation plus your massage therapists’ bio, photo, and arrival time as security and safety measures.

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There is no need for you to provide any equipment or items the massage therapist brings everything with them. You are able to pay by credit card for the service and tip because the appointment uses all-inclusive pricing.

There are options for you to choose from such as the length of time: you can book a 90- or 60-minute massage. There are also different types of massages to choose from such as a deep tissue massage, or perhaps a more relaxing Swedish massage.

You can choose the gender of your therapist, which is nice for those who feel more comfortable with one over another.

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Zeel In-Home Massage Therapist


Pros and Cons


  • Book an in-home or in-hotel room massage quickly and easily
  • You can book an appointment to take place in as little as one hour from the booking
  • Massages are available seven days a week
  • Work around your own schedule rather than the schedule of the therapist
  • Choose the type of massage
  • Choose the gender of your therapist


  • This app appears to have no cons

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Final Words

The Massage On Demand app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and offers you the convenience of booking a massage with a licensed therapist for any time that works for you.

Zeel In-Home Massage Therapist

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