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Trunews app review: a news app from a religious point of view



There are many different news apps in the App Store, all delivering news from different political point of views. These news sources are not always equally trustworthy, simply due to the fact that these news outlets sometimes make the news sound better or worse when it doesn’t fit in with their world views. Today, while looking in the App Store for new apps to review, I stumbled on the first news app I've seen that reports the news through a religious point of view. This app is called Truview and reports the news according to a orthodox Christian standpoint. Personally I am not religious, making it easy for me to see how this app represents the news from a neutral point of view. The app is developed by Raymond Burkhart and is compatible with both iPad and iPhone. The app is just under 27 MB.

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What it Offers

I will treat this app as any other news app, and won’t have their religious point of view change my opinion about the app at all. The app simply offers the news specifically written for the app (and of course the website that this news supplier has). The app delivers all this news straight to the app for no costs at all. You can even listen to the radio station that made Trunews the one of the biggest news suppliers of the Christian world straight from the app. All the news is simple yet effectively written and doesn’t differentiate between the different Christian beliefs.

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TruNews screenshot 1
TruNews screenshot 1

App Design and Sending a Message

The design of the app is, compared to other news apps, not very good. All the news articles are divided by days, but make no other categories possible, meaning you will get all the news of what happened on that day, if you want it or not. There is no search function or any filters added to the app, though you can follow the different social networks of Trunews via the app. When reading the App Store page, the description literally says: “a positive alternative to the anti-Christian bigotry of the mainstream news media.” In my book this means that this outlet does not report the news as it is and they give all news their own positive twist.

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TruNews screenshot 2
TruNews screenshot 2



Pros and Cons


  • All content from Trunews for free
  • Listen to the radio
  • The first and only religious news network?



  • Terrible design
  • Not very true to what really happens in the world



Me, as an agnostic, would never ever use this app for my news needs. It simply sounds like they are rewriting the news for their own agenda and it sounds like this app is built on lies. The app design is terrible as well, and news in your interest is hard to find as there is no search function. The app is designed for both iPad and iPhone and is just under 27 MB.



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