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MD 4KIDS app review: perfect for when a doctor simply isn’t available 2021



Sometimes when your child falls ill a doctor simply isn’t available so this iPhone and iPad app for family health has been designed to act as a free and comprehensive reference that you can use to determine the correct course of action in a wide range of scenarios.

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I think that this is an absolutely fantastic idea for a kids health app for iPhone, and I’m even more pleased to see that the developer has made it available completely free of charge rather than trying to capitalize by withholding features and such.

This app features a generic, no-frills interface which isn’t exactly the prettiest you’ll see, but it really gets the job done without unnecessary gimmicks or clutter so I would definitely recommend keeping this app handy on your iPhone and iPad if you have a child.

For more details on this family health app for iPhone, check out our MD 4 Kids app review below. 



Give Your Child the Proper Care

MD 4KIDS includes a wide range of features and content to help you figure out how to respond appropriately when your child becomes sick, the most basic of which is a  collection of symptom care guides which layout the best course of action.

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These also include a Decision Chart that helps to further determine which actions are suggested based on the severity and description of the symptoms, so you’ll immediately know if you need to call 911 or if the issue can be dealt with at home.

Give Your Child the Proper Care image

Treat Your Child With Confidence

If there is an issue that you can resolve from home then you’ll be able to access full First Aid topics and illustrations to support immediate action if required, so you should be able to confidently and competently help your child to at least feel a little better while their illness passes.

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In addition to all of this you’ll also find a Medication and Allergy tracker, and pediatric dosage tables for managing prescription and OTC medications, and you can store your child’s doctor’s contact information for quick and easy reference.

Treat Your Child With Confidence image



Pros and Cons


  • Symptom care guides help you to determine the right course of action for your child
  • Decision Chart which helps determine what action is suggested based on the severity and description of the symptoms
  • Includes Immediate Connections to medical help such as 911, your child’s doctor, or nearby Emergency Department
  • Home Care Advice is available for any illnesses and injuries that can be treated at home
  • Also includes a Medication and Allergy tracker for managing prescription and OTC medications for your whole family
  • Provides pediatric dosage tables for common OTC medications
  • Identify symptoms more easily with visual references
  • Covers First Aid topics and illustrations to support immediate action if required


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

MD 4KIDS is a great addition to the Health & Fitness category of the App Store, although I can’t help but feel it would be more appropriately placed in the Medical category. Either way, download it onto your iPhone and iPad for some extra peace of mind!


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