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Ukulele Toolkit app review: including a tuner, metronome, chord diagrams, and more



Our wonderful in-house editor recently mentioned to me that she is considering taking up learning the ukulele, so I thought what better music app to review than this awesome toolkit for iPhone and iPad which provides all kinds of handy tools to get you started!

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This app definitely seems to offer everything you’ll need to expedite the learning process in the early stages. This includes everything from chord diagrams and progressions to a tuner, metronome, and a collection of more than a hundred scales from around the world.

You should find more than enough here to play all kinds of styles ranging from straight up blues and rock to Hawaiian and Japanese styles, so I would definitely recommend checking it out so that you can crank out some songs in very little time!

Ukulele Toolkit - Tuner, Metronome, Chords, Scales and more


Learn the Ukulele With Ease

Ukulele Toolkit - Tuner, Metronome and Chord Diagrams has been designed to essentially act as an all-in-one toolkit (hence the name) that you can use to go from being a complete beginner to a true Ulysses of the ukulele!

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You can use the metronome and predefined chord progressions to play along and really dial in your strumming technique and general sense of rhythm and timing, plus there are more than 100 different drum loops for you to also play along with.

Learn the Ukulele With Ease image

Lefties Aren't... Left Out!

When it comes time to start putting together some of your own chord progressions you’ll be pleased to know that this app includes the Cycle of Fifths for you to easily determine which chords will go well with each other.

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What’s more, all you lefties out there can stop fretting - until you get your hands on the fretboard, that is - because Ukulele Toolkit also provides full support for left-handed players.

Lefties Aren

Ukulele Toolkit - Tuner, Metronome, Chords, Scales and more


Pros and Cons


  • Use the chromatic tuner to always keep your instrument in tune
  • Refine your rhythm and timing with the integrated metronome
  • Includes strumming patterns to help you establish a groove
  • Contains more than 100 drum loops for you to practice over
  • Includes a whopping 108 scales ranging from conventional to exotic
  • Interactive chord diagrams show you how to play a chord in different positions on the fretboard
  • Use the Cycle of Fifths to easily determine which chords will go well with each other
  • Use the Transporter to transpose pieces from one key to another
  • Play along with chord progressions
  • Includes full support for left-handed players


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Ukulele Toolkit - Tuner, Metronome and Chord Diagrams for iPhone and iPad should do the trick for all you ukulele beginners, so it definitely receives my recommendation.

Ukulele Toolkit - Tuner, Metronome, Chords, Scales and more

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