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Dealo app review: the next competitor for Craigslist and eBay?



Everybody owns stuff they don’t need or don’t want anymore. Most people just throw their stuff into an attic or into storage and slowly start forgetting about it, like myself. However, in the past I have sold quite a lot of stuff on eBay for a very decent price. In the United States, Craigslist is also a very good option to get rid of unwanted things, as there is always someone who wants your discarded garbage. In terms of security, Craigslist is a lot less renowned as eBay, but is a lot easier to use and you will be able to find direct contact, while the security eBay has to offer is a lot better. Dealo by Josh Downing is promising to change this by combining the easy of Craigslist with the security of eBay. This app to sell stuff is designed for iPhone but works perfectly fine on iPad as well.

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What it Offers

So the app is designed for you to sell stuff locally, like any Craigslist app; however, you can simply put your unwanted goods on there and see who wants to buy it. The app offers a verified shipping option that will allow you to ship items worldwide if you wanted to. In terms of design, the app is done pretty well. Simply take a snap of the item you would like to put on there, type in your details and boom! Your item is on the Dealo website and in the app. It works as easy as Instagram and is as quick, too!

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Browsing and Buying Items

During my time with the app I focused mainly on browsing and buying items. I simply browsed as I couldn’t really find a search feature to look for what you really want. One danger I found within the app is that by tapping on a person’s name, you will be transported to Google, instantly doing a search on their name or email address. I’m not sure if you would like to give people this much access to your personal details and there certainly is some danger in this. When you are interested you simply can tap the user and contact him or her via phone or email.

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Pros and Cons



  • Your details will be on the Internet

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I can recommend this app for people who are fed up with Craigslist and have been put off by the horrible bureaucracy of eBay. There are some linked to this app, but the amount of ease it offers for people to buy and sell items in this app is unparalleled. It’s as easy as using Instagram! I was worried when I saw you can simply call or email a person as soon as you like their product. The app is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and is just under 4 MB.


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