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Flipboard app review: making your search for a car less painful 2021



Most people don't love spending a ton of money all one purchase so when it's necessary you want to be sure you are spending your money wisely. A car is one of those purchases that is pretty pricey and likely you'll want to put some research and thought into your decision.

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The buying app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is meant to help you with the process so it is smoother and less painful than purchasing a car with little-to-no knowledge. Some users say this app for buying cars might just be the best car buying app for the iOS. 

Let's dig into those claims further with our app for help in buyind a car app review. We'll see if this is truly one of the best car buying apps for iPhone and iPad users. - New & Used Cars


Arm Yourself with Information

The best way to head into the purchase of a car is by preparing yourself with knowledge. Information such as expert reviews, consumer reports, special offers, the ability to compare models, and even a loan calculator are all offered in this app among other tools.

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The goal is to provide the user with all the tools they'll need to make an informed decision they are happy with. Of course it goes further than that: you can also use the app to find the used and new cars for sale, find dealers, search using the handy filters, and even create a list of favorites.

It seems the app has been suffering from a variety of minor bugs which the user addressed in the most recent update. Users currently rate the app 3.5 out of five stars, which is a fairly solid rating.

Arm Yourself with Information image

Get in the Know

If you're ready to start the car searching and buying process here's your way to get in the know. Use this app to search for that perfect car making use of the filters offered. Your results can then be sorted to make the process that much smoother for you.

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Do in-depth research on makes and models so you can make sure you're getting the best deal and the best car for your purposes. There’s a lot more than a car just looking great.

What’s amazing is that you can do all this research and deal finding right from the comfort of your own home and without having to deal with salespeople. It’s a no-pressure way to browse and shop and it works on your schedule.

The app is able to use your location and then find all the cars for sale nearby. There are plenty of filters to apply which can narrow down your search and save you a lot of time and hassle. Navigating through the app is smooth and quick without any issues at all.

Get in the Know image - New & Used Cars


Pros and Cons


  • Locate cars for sale near you
  • Make use of the search filters
  • Sort your results
  • Read up on makes and models
  • Use the loan calculator
  • Create a list of saved cars that you are watching


  • This app still feels like it could use polishing, perhaps more features and tools

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to locate that perfect car for sale nearby. It also acts as a great source of information to help you with your purchasing decision. - New & Used Cars

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