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Cupid Dating app review: with more than five million registered users 2021



If you’re looking for a legitimate online dating experience then the Cupid dating app for iPhone is probably one iPad and iPhone dating app that you’ll want to avoid as it appears to contain countless fake profiles set up by the developer to grab the attention of single men.

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Unfortunately, I’ve come across this phenomenon before, and it actually put me off of online dating in a big way many years ago. According to one dating app review, subscribing to a service such as this only to find that most of the “5 million registered users” are dud accounts is definitely frustrating!

Check out our dating app for iPhone review to learn all about this app and to see if it's a good dating app for iPhone users looking for love. 

Cupid Dating: Local Matchmaker


Contains Thousands of Fake Accounts

Cupid Dating claims to have more than five million registered users; however, it appears that the vast majority of these accounts contain stock photos of attractive young women to catch the attention of single men.

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You’ll find all of the usual features such as being able to exchange messages and “winks” with users to express your interest, but this is pretty moot given that you don’t know if you’re actually interacting with a real user.

Contains Thousands of Fake Accounts image

Choose a More Reputable Dating Service

Compared to more legitimate dating services such as OkCupid, I would have to say that this app is pretty much useless, so you’ll be better off looking elsewhere.

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There you’ll at least know that you’re interacting with real human beings, rather than being fooled by glossy glamor photos and what not!

Choose a More Reputable Dating Service image

Cupid Dating: Local Matchmaker


Pros and Cons


  • Interact with more than five million registered users
  • View high-quality photos of single men and women
  • Send winks and messages to let people know you’re interested
  • Enjoy a free profile and free access to chat rooms
  • Use your device’s integrated GPS to find members in your local area
  • Receive Push notifications for things like messages, winks, and so on


  • It appears as if this app has been set up with a great deal of fake profiles by the developer, as one user remarks: “This app horrible in every way, I've used POF and much better OkCupid which is the real deal. This app is completely fake...fake profiles, fake messages and annoying messages sent from developers introducing new members as if the new member sent the message which is most likely fake as well. I paid I believe $18 for one month upgrade and wow was it a joke, like I said...fake profiles, and it's not people making fake profiles it's the developers or people in charge of site I guess to attract more people. No integrity whatsoever!”
  • Furthermore, it appears as if the core functioning of this app leaves much to be desired as well:I gave this one star only because I can't give it none. Hard to use, pictures don't display properly, chats are in reverse order. They need to throw it away and start from scratch. Don't bother with this until they fix it,and I don't mean minor bug changes. It needs a major overhaul.”

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Final Words

Cupid Dating for iPhone and iPad is truly a waste of time and money; avoid at all costs.

Cupid Dating: Local Matchmaker

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