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iWatermark app review: secure and protect your photographs by adding your very own watermark 2021



In today's world, anyone can take professional-grade photos using a photo editor for iPhone and iPad and transferring these photos is even easier now.

Watermarking these photographs can be a great way to show the owner and creator of the image and can also be used to incorporate your email, url, or other messages to promote your work.

iWatermark is a photo editing app that can help professionals, businesses, and even individuals subtly leave a mark on images so that no matter where the picture goes, it's easy to determine who it belongs to so that your intellectual property as well as reputation can be kept intact.

Available for purchase for just $1.99 in the App Store, this iPhone app for editing photos provides its users with a way to implement these “signatures” into pictures across four platforms, namely the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows. Keep reading our iWatermark app review for more details. 

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iWatermark - Watermark 1 or Batch of Photos. Watermarking with Text, Logo, & Graphics Overlays.


Create Your Personalized Watermark

Taking up just 14.4 MB of space on your iOS device, iWatermark is a versatile tool that can help you create a watermark from scratch but it also comes with its own templates to help you implement a watermark right away. The 34 templates come in both text and graphic forms.

Text includes the details such as your name, the dates, and tag data, while graphics consist of signatures, logos, and more.

If you wish to create your own watermark, you can do so by even using a barcode which will enable you to embed up to 4000 characters into QR codes. These codes can then be decoded and deciphered by anyone using a smartphone or scanner.

You can also import your own graphic watermarks by opening email attachments through this app which makes it really easy to incorporate your company or brand logo.

There are more than 157 fonts to choose from which should make it easy to find a font that suits your style and preferences.

Over the last year, this app has undergone many updates to fix bugs, optimized for the latest iOS, and improved features that include sharing watermarked images via social media. 

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Create Your Personalized Watermark image

Implementing The Watermarks Into Your Photos

Once you've got the watermark ready, it's time to start implementation. This process is also very simple and straightforward and there's a manual included to help new users out in case they get stuck.

Touch gestures can be used to adjust the location, size, and alignment, while fonts, color, size, position, and angle, can also be adjusted to your needs.

Finally, processing can be done in batches by selecting albums and folders, or individually. Watermarked images are saved to your camera roll and can also be shared to social media networks through this app.

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Implementing The Watermarks Into Your Photos image

iWatermark - Watermark 1 or Batch of Photos. Watermarking with Text, Logo, & Graphics Overlays.


Pros & Cons


  • Choose from a selection of 34 pre-designed watermark templates both in text and graphics
  • Create your own watermark by importing logos and other graphics from email attachments
  • Easily incorporate the watermark customized to your liking using gesture-based commands
  • Use iWatermark across all iOS devices as well as PC or Mac for perfect uniformity


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

Whether you're looking for a way to share your photos so that you may get credit for them, or you're simply trying to promote your business, iWatermark is a fantastic tool that can help you easily create as well as implement your watermark.

I think this is a great purchase for anyone who wishes to have a universal watermarking system not only on their iPhone or iPad but also on their Mac or PC.

iWatermark - Watermark 1 or Batch of Photos. Watermarking with Text, Logo, & Graphics Overlays.

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