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The Impossible Pattern app review: a brain breaking puzzle game-2021



Most puzzle games in the App Store are very similar and usually revolve around matching three objects of similar color to make them disappear. 

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I am super happy when I suddenly stumble over a brain teaser app on the App Store that doesn’t have any of the gameplay elements that makes up most of the puzzle games in the store.

Instead, this logic app I found today will actually makes you think long and hard. The name of the game is The Impossible Pattern, and even though the game is in no way impossible, you will often think that it is. The puzzles, developed Diego Acevedo, will definitely keep your brain busy for a long while.

This bran puzzle app for iPhone is also compatible with the iPad and weighs in at just over 10 MB. Check out our brain puzzle app review for more details. 

The Impossible Pattern Puzzle Game



In the game you will see nine pegs. Some pegs will have a number written on them and you will need to touch them that many times in one smooth movement.

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You are not allowed to let go of the screen, nor can you use the same direction from a peg in the same level. You can use the same path, but only in the different direction.

The game starts out really easy, making you do simple patterns to get used to the game’s way of thinking, though when you get to around level 10 you will already see the game get more difficult and you will be taking a lot longer to complete the levels.

Gameplay image

Graphics and Sound

There is not much to say about the graphics of the game, as there is just one screen to look at. The screen is really clear and in high resolution, so don’t worry that you can’t read the numbers that are based within each peg.

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The game also gives good visual feedback when you make mistakes, so you will know exactly when you went wrong or when you complete a level. The sound of the game is very simple too and is just there to give you feedback. There isn’t any music to annoy you while your brain is doing the hard work.

Graphics and Sound image

The Impossible Pattern Puzzle Game


Pros and Cons


  • It’s completely free to play
  • Very hard and very addictive
  • Tons of puzzles


  • I have nothing bad to say about the game

Pros and Cons image


If you’re looking for an original puzzle game that will make you use your brain like never before, this game is definitely for you. The puzzles are extremely challenging and will get more and more difficult the further you get in the game.

The graphics and sound aren’t really anything special, but the gameplay is easy and you will get addicted after playing the first few levels. The game is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and The Impossible Pattern is only just over 10 MB in size.

The Impossible Pattern Puzzle Game

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