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ZoomNotes app review: a powerful note-taking utility-2020



What we have here is perhaps one of the most powerfully comprehensive iPhone notes app available. The Zoomnotes app provides you with all manner of incredible features for writing, annotating, importing and exporting, inserting audio and images, and much, much more!

The best iPhone apps for note-taking

Make handwritten notes and sketches with notes app for iPhone on virtual paper, huge WhiteBoards , PDF files, images and MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents (via GoogleDrive).

Sync your documents between your iPad and iPhone with iCloud. This app is compatible with any capacitive stylus pen and also with the top electronic pens on the market including the fabulous Apple Pencil.

I’ve seen different developers try their hand at making a note taking app for iPhone. And to be brutally honest, I often wonder why developers even bother because many of them offer very little above and beyond what you can achieve with the native iOS Notes app.

ZoomNotes, on the other hand, blows the competition squarely out of the water. I’m truly astounded by what the developer has achieved here, but let’s take a closer look to see what exactly is on offer.  Check out our best note taking apps list for more options.

ZoomNotes- Notetake, Sketch, PDF, Present


Take Note: This App Rules!

ZoomNotes - Note take, Sketch, Annotate PDF and Present, as the name might suggest, provides you with a range of note-taking features, the most ‘notable’ of which is the powerful zooming functionality.

Best iphone and ipad apps

With this app, you can zoom right in to a document and write on it in that format while still being able to see the zoomed out view set to one side. This is great for seeing how minor changes to your work affect the bigger picture.

Take Note: This App Rules! image

A Truly Note-Worthy Development!

There are eight different pen types to choose from, including gel, nib, pencil, and so on, and there is even a wrist rest that allows you to rest you hand on the screen while you write without having to worry about accidentally hitting some of the soft keys.

Bookmarks of iphone notes app allow you save views in your documents, and then return to them at a later date. There are animated playback facilities to allow you to present with or to create videos from your document. Add links between pages, and even between documents.

This lets you create your own digital planners, enhance imported pdf planners or create indices with note taking app for iphone.

What’s more, this app provides a whole host of importing, exporting, and online sharing features, and there is full support provided for a wide range of styluses. Check out the Pros & Cons section below for details of which stylus models are supported.

A Truly Note-Worthy Development! image

ZoomNotes- Notetake, Sketch, PDF, Present


Pros & Cons


  • Choose from eight different pen types, including gel, nib, pencil, and more
  • Rest your hand on the screen whilst you write
  • Write into a zoomed in view whilst still viewing the zoomed out view
  • Use sticky-notes and create hierarchical visual files as sub-pages
  • Insert audio clips directly into your documents
  • Insert entire PDF documents as sub-pages
  • Save Bookmarks within your documents for quick and easy future reference
  • Import and write over MS Office and PDF documents with ease via Google Drive
  • Share your documents with others online via Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • Create a handy digital backup copy of your work via Dropbox, Evernote, and iTunes
  • Export your work to other apps by using the handy Open In… feature
  • Provides support for many leading brands of stylus, including Pogo connect, Hex3 JaJa, Adonit Jot Touch, Adonit Jot Script, Active Stylus Hex3 Nota, and Lynktec Apex


  • There is nothing negative to say about this app

Pros & Cons image

Final Words

ZoomNotes - Note take, Sketch, Annotate PDF and Present is a true marvel of an iPhone and iPad app so be sure to check it out!

ZoomNotes- Notetake, Sketch, PDF, Present

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