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Translate Professional app review: the only translation tool you'll ever need!



Whether you are a savant in many languages or you wish to become one for your upcoming world tour, Translate Professional is just the right app for you.

This iPhone and iPad app comes packed with more than 50 languages between which you can translate words and sometimes even phrases, making this an all-encompassing translation tool.

You can download this app for free in the App Store and start translating right away! Let's see how this app compares to other translating apps.

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Translate Professional


Translate Text Between 50 Languages

Translate Professional, despite its vastness, takes up just 11.9 MB on your iOS device and also runs very smoothly thanks to its simplistic yet modern-looking interface. It's divided up into four sections for user convenience, namely Translation, Voices, Library, and Settings.

Powered by Google Translate, this allows users to translate any text between more than 50 languages with just a few taps. The Translation section allows users to instantly choose their languages without any complicated menus that can often get cumbersome and detract from the user experience.

This app also comes with a phrasebook with more than 300 professionally translated phrases which are categorized for easy reference. This phrasebook is downloaded onto your iOS device, which means that you can access it even if you are not connected to the internet. This makes it a great tool for conversing with locals when you're out and about in a new country, so you don't have to be tied into an Internet connection.

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Translate Text Between 50 Languages image

Audio & Gesture-Based Features

This app takes full advantage of iOS technology; the developers have incorporated gesture-based features to help hasten the translation process. Users can swipe the translated text to the left or right to delete it and enter a new one. There is a fully functioning clipboard which can be easily used to copy or paste text into the translation box.

Language apps are incomplete without audio accompaniment and this app doesn't fall short in this regard. You can download a “voice” as an in-app purchase for $1.99 that will unlock the audio features wherein any word or phrase can be listened to. Voices are only available in 18 out of the 50 languages.

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Audio & Gesture-Based Features image

Translate Professional


Pros & Cons


  • Translate text between more than 50 languages in an instant
  • More than 300 professionally translated phrases in different categories with offline access
  • Voices are available as in-app purchases and may be downloaded by tapping the speaker icon
  • Listen to any phrase or word by downloading one of the voices that are available as in-app purchases


  • Voices are only available in 18 out of the 50 languages

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Final Words

Translation Professional is a really handy and convenient app to have on one's iPhone or iPad for quick reference at any time, whether you are traveling, teaching, learning, or simply in need of such a utility. The in-app purchases prevents it from being a cadidate for the best translation app.  

Translate Professional

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