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Google Play Movies & TV app review: your mobile entertainment



Just because you may be on the go doesn't mean you should have to do without all your favorite TV show and movies. The Google Play Movies & TV app makes it possible to view your rented and purchased videos and movies on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone so you can also be mobile with them. Simply visit the Google Play Store to find rentals and purchase selections that you can then have with you. These can come in handy on a road-trip, commuting on public transit, or just on a rainy day sitting around.

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Google Play Movies & TV


An Entertainment Source

Thanks to apps such as this one there is always a way to beat boredom and enjoy all your favorite TV shows and movies. As mentioned the way this app works is to connect you to the Google Play Store where you can browse through the many titles available. You can opt to rent or purchase your selection and then store them on your computer or watch them from your mobile device by using WiFi through the app. Keep in mind that in order to stream videos you'll need to have a WiFi connection. There is also a restriction of who has access to the TV shows. The countries that support this feature are the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

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In the app's most recent update there were stability improvements and bug fixes resulting in a much improved customer experience. Despite the improvements the app still only has a rather mediocre three out of five stars from customers.


Find your favorite movies and TV shows
Find your favorite movies and TV shows

A Rather Mediocre User Experience

When you launch the app you will need to sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have one you can always create one. Once you sign in you'll be able to start browsing through the categories and selections available. When you come across something that gets your interest simply tap on it to learn more. View such information as who it stars, the year it was made, the length of the TV show or movie, and more. All your movies and TV shows will be stored as My TV Shows, My Movies, and My Rentals so it's easy to manage and navigate the app.

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I don’t find the app particularly exciting to browse through. It just seems like there is a missed opportunity here for it to be more interactive, exciting, and engaging.


Keep your selections organized
Keep your selections organized

Google Play Movies & TV


Pros and Cons


  • Rent and buy TV shows and movies
  • Keep all your selections organized in separate lists
  • Stream selections using WiFi
  • The app is easy to navigate
  • Provides you with entertainment no matter where you are


  • WiFi is needed for streaming TV shows
  • Not all countries are supported by the app
  • The app isn’t especially engaging or exciting


Google Play Movies & TV screenshot
Google Play Movies & TV screenshot

Final Thoughts

The Google Play Movies & TV app can be used on your iPod touch, iPhone and iPhone to ensure you always have great entertainment on hand to fight boredom.


Google Play Movies & TV

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