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Shape Builder app review: learn through puzzles 2021



What's the best way to ensure your child is learning? You can give him or her something engaging and fun to learn with, of course! With that in mind, the Shape Builder toddlers app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone by kids ages five and under.

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With this iPhone game for toddlers, your child will be piecing together puzzles and snapping the shapes into place with the help of the silhouette shapes. The puzzles range from five to 10 pieces so there is a variety of challenge levels for them.

For more details about this good puzzle app for toddlers, check out our Shape Builder app review below.

ShapeBuilder Preschool Puzzles


Build a Variety of Skills

Sure, putting together puzzles is a fun activity for kids, but it also encourages the development of a variety of skills such as fine motor skills and cognitive thinking.

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Keep in mind that this app has been specifically built with kids in mind so there are no menus filled with options that they need to navigate. They can simply launch the app and start having fun. Each puzzle features entertaining sound effects, which helps to keep their attention.

The app offers 173 different puzzles in various themes. The puzzles are randomly selected for kids so each time they complete one another one will be chosen.

This app has been recently updated with a few enhancements such as the fact that there is a parental gate that limits the child's access outside of the app, there were a few minor bug fixes, and 15 new puzzles were added. 

Build a Variety of Skills image

Puzzle Features

As mentioned, you are given 173 different puzzles here in the categories of animals, musical instruments, letters, fruits and vegetables, numbers, and more.

Sound effects can be found in each of these puzzles and as mentioned they range in pieces from five to 10. All the puzzles have silhouettes outlined and kids then need to find the right shape to snap it into place on the “puzzle board”.

When they successfully complete the puzzle the actual image of it is then shown and the name of the image is spoken. If you're playing with younger toddlers you'll likely need to play with them at least at first as they get the hang of it.

I find this app works as a wonderful introduction to puzzles in general and gives children just the right amount of challenge without being too hard or discouraging.

Puzzle Features image

ShapeBuilder Preschool Puzzles


Pros and Cons


  • Kid-friendly user interface
  • Ideal for kids’ ages five and under
  • Uses touch functionality as kids snap the pieces into the correct place
  • There are a variety of puzzle themes
  • The puzzles are randomly generated so they will be able to work through all 173
  • Fabulous and engaging sound effects


  • Younger kids (toddlers) will likely still need some help from adults at least at first
  • Depending on your child’s knowledge of puzzles this may be too simple for them

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Shape Builder app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone as a way to help kids work on their fine motor skills and cognitive thinking in a fun environment.

ShapeBuilder Preschool Puzzles

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